1)  What payment methods do you accept?
2)  Is there a minimum order?
3)  How are your products sold?
4)  When will my account be charged?
5)  Do my billing and shipping addresses have to match?
6)  Can you give me a fabric quote?
7)  Am I eligible for a discount?
8)  My credit card appears to have been charged twice.
9)  How long does it take to receive a refund?

1)   What payment methods do you accept?
When ordering over our website, we accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express and Paypal. If you would like to pay by check or money order, simply proceed with the checkout process over our site and select any payment option on page 2. Continue to page 3 to review your order details and final cost. Print this page along with your check or money order payment and mail to Warehouse Fabrics Inc; 1726 US Hwy 43; Winfield, AL 35594. *We hold orders paid via check until they clear our bank (10-14 days). We recommend cashier's check or money order payments for speedier processing.

2)   Is there a minimum order?
When ordering fabric and / or fringe, the minimum order is 1 yard per item.

3)   How are your products sold?
All of our fabric and fringe is priced and sold per yard. A quantity of "1" is equal to 1 yard; a quantity of "2" is equal to 2 yards, etc. Items other than fabric or fringe is sold per each.

4)   When will my account be charged?
Your payment is processed at the time of order. If we're unable to ship all items in your order, we'll contact you for instructions and provide a refund or a credit to your account, whatever you prefer.

5)   Do my billing and shipping addresses have to match?
No they do not. However, it is extremely important that your billing address matches the address on file with your credit card bank. If this information matches, we will ship your order to the address of your choice as long as it within the USA.

6)   Can you give me a fabric quote?
If you need a fabric quote for a Richloom, Premier Prints, Swavelle, or Robert Allen Fabric that has not been discontinued, we can help. However, if you need a quote for another fabric in which you have the manufacturer's name and stock or item number, we are most likely unable to help. If your search does not include a particular manufacturer and your options are open, please feel free to contact us with details.

7)   Am I eligible for a discount?
Maybe.... If you have a tax number related to fabric, please create an account AND fill out our Wholesale Request Form for information. We are also pleased to offer schools and churches a discount on most items that are not already discounted or on clearance. To place an order for a church or school, please call us at (205) 487-8040 to receive your discount. .

8)   My credit card appears to have been charged twice.
This is something we are told often when an order that was placed over our website has been changed due to customer's request or out of stock / backorder issues..... If you do your banking online, you may notice that the amount of your original order value shows up in your unavailable balance detail. This does not mean that we have already charged your account. This simply means that this amount was approved by your bank and has been reserved for your order. After your original order has already been approved, if there are any changes made that affect your total balance, we then have to process your entire order in office. This means that we have to generate a brand new order and delete the original. When this is done, the new charge will show up almost immediately and the original amount that has already been reserved for your order will eventually "disappear" from your banking detail. If no changes were made to your order after being placed, then a mistake has been made and you need to email us or call us @ (205) 487-8040 to resolve this issue.

9)   How long does it take to receive a refund?
We try to process refunds within a week after receiving a return. You will receive a confirmation email after your refund has been completed. Please note that we can only refund what we receive so it is a good idea to keep all tracking numbers or request delivery confirmation.