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Custom Valance - Tab Top    (Ships in 7-10 business days!)

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Custom Valance - Tab Top

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Add chosen fabrics to your cart and use the product details to complete the form on the right. Prices listed in the form are labor charges only and you will need to order enough yardage to complete your desired custom project. *Remember to allow extra for matching repeats.

$32.00 / labor each

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  Oh dang, here comes the fine print... I fully, 100%, totally, all the way, pinky swear, cross my heart, without a shadow of a doubt, criss cross apple sauce, no fingers crossed, and no take backs understand that a very sweet lady is going to work awfully hard sewing up this pretty thing just for me and absolutely, positively no refunds, returns, exchanges, or take backs are allowed..... WELLLLLLLLL unless they goof up my order, and then of course these fine folks will make it right :)

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Custom Valance - Tab Top Information

Fabric Yardage to Order for Tab Top Valances up to 24" Long
Based on 54" wide fabric @ 1.5 x fullness
Rod Width: Solids &
Tiny Prints
Medium Prints
(v-repeat up to 12")
Large Prints
(v-repeat up to 24")
fabric lining fabric lining fabric lining
Up to 32" 3 yards 1 yard 3 yards 1 yard 3 yards 1 yard
33" - 68" 5 yards 2 yards 5 yards 2yards 6 yards 2 yards
69" - 104" 7 yards 3 yards 8 yards 3 yards 9 yards 3 yards
105" - 140" 10 yards 4 yards 10 yards 4 yards 11 yards 4 yards
141" - 176" 12 yards 4 yards 13 yards 4 yards 14 yards 4 yards
177" - 212" 14 yards 5 yards 16 yards 5 yards 17 yards 5 yards
213" - 248" 16 yards 6 yards 18 yards 6 yards 20 yards 6 yards
249" - 284" 18 yards 7 yards 20 yards 7 yards 23 yards 7 yards

Handcrafted with pride just for you right here in the USA!

Why settle for factory produced cookie cutter window treatments if you don't have to? Now that you've found us, you're no longer limited to the pre-made valances that stores offer. We have close to 4000 fabrics to choose from (and oodles of decorative trims too!) so you can create your own unique look - and leave all the sewing to us!

We offer EXTREMELY competitive prices for custom sewing along with easy ordering. Simply order the quantity of fabric needed (and lining/interlining if desired) to complete your project, then fill out the form above. Amy will get started sewing your custom window treatment(s) right away and will have your order ready to ship in 7-10 business days.

No Hidden Charges

The total price of your custom made window treatment is the cost of your selected materials plus the listed labor charges for custom sewing. Shop around on other sites that offer custom sewing. First you'll find that our prices are practically unbeatable, but you'll also find that most stores leave you guessing about the specific fabric prices and labor charges. Not us! Our fabrics and labor charges are all priced separately so you'll know exactly what you're paying for. Simply add all items to your shopping cart to see your total cost.

Small Town Prices

Why are we so much cheaper? It's not for lack of quality, we guarantee that! It's because we operate our business in the small town of Winfield, AL (which has been jokingly referred to as Mayberry) and our overhead costs are much less than that of stores in larger cities. This means we don't have our prices hiked up to cover high priced rent. Even better... We've been in business at the same location since 1984 and our buildings are already paid for in full :) So what you're getting is quality fabric and top notch workmanship at small town prices. You can't beat that with a stick!


* We meet the professional quality standard of 1.5 x fullness for tab top valances. Tab top valances offer a casual appeal and aren't meant to be as full as other valance styles. Less fullness also means your tabs are able to be spaced attractively rather than all bunched up on a valance with extra fullness.

* Rod size suggestions are based on 54" wide fabric @ 1.5 x fullness. Your specific measurements will determine the finished panel size.

* Valances are beautifully finished with a 2" double bottom hem and 1.5" double side hems (all blind stitched, of course).

* When fabric widths are sewn together, we make sure that fabric pattern repeats are meticulously matched so there will be no break in the pattern. But we don't just stop there! If you order multiple valances using the same fabric, we will even make sure that the fabric pattern is in the same position on each one. All your windows have to match, after all!

* Lining is HIGHLY recommended... Yep, we know it sucks to have the added expense of not only the drapery lining fabric but also the labor charges, but lining really helps to prolong the life of your valance by reducing sun fading and by adding body - which will make your valance hang beautifully and create a more tailored look. We think you'll see in the finished product that it's totally worth the extra cost. *For maximum sun blockage, you should opt for Blackout Lining (great for the bedrooms of sleepy heads).

* The addition of interlining will provide extra sound insulation and will add luxurious body and fullness for the most superior custom look. In other words... Interlining will give you that "WOW" factor.

Ordering other stuff you want sooner?

Your entire order will all ship together. So if you're ordering other products that have nothing to do with the making of your window treatment and want those products shipped right away, you'll need to place separate orders. Otherwise if you don't mind waiting, you'll receive all your stuff when we finish sewing.

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