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Surprisingly Beautiful

Surprisingly Beautiful
By: Lala

Fabric Used

Surprisingly Beautiful

Shirr-on-the-rod window panels and triangular inserts adorned with beaded bell-shaped fringe. I stitched 4 panels 50x84 finished size. The triangle inserts were made with 1 yard each of same fabric, 2 layers to create the triangle shape, and the fringe was topstitched to the right sides of each triangle. I kept the selvage edges to save on serving time; only needed to serge the cut edges. The rod pockets are 3 inches, the hems are 2 inches. I used a regular white double rod set - I forget the name brand but it is a stronger metal set purchased from Kohls. The semi-sheer under panels were purchased and shortened to fit the window length. The panels darkened my otherwise very bright living room, but having the space between the panels let's in plenty of light for my plants while maintaining privacy from the porch/street views. I bought 30 yards, used 12 or so for this bank of windows, and the rest will be used for the dining room bank of windows (panels and 10 inch depth valances). I am surprised that such a heavy fabric had such a beautiful drape and was shirrable. Hope to finish the next set before winter.

Customer Information

Posted 08/31/2022 by Lala
Phone: 4147317334
2426 N 36th St

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