1)    Do you have a catalog?
2)    Is there a minimum order?
3)    How are your products sold?
4)    Can I get more information about a particular item?
5)    Can I order samples?
6)    Can you give me a fabric quote?
7)    Do you sell to the public?
8)    What is your return policy?
9)    Can I change or cancel my order?
10)  Will my fabric and / or fringe be shipped in 1 continuous piece?


1)   Do you have a catalog?
Unfortunately, we do not. Because of our constantly changing inventory, it would not be cost effective for us to issue a printed catalog.

2)   Is there a minimum order?
When ordering fabric and / or fringe, the minimum order is 1 yard per item.

3)   How are your products sold?
Unless stated otherwise, all of our fabric and fringe is priced and sold per linear yard, and in whole yard increments only. 1 linear yard is equal to 36" length x the width of the product. A quantity of "1" is equal to 1 yard; a quantity of "2" is equal to 2 yards, etc. Our shopping cart system doesn't accept partial yardages. For example, if you try to enter a quantity of 1.5, no yardage will be added to your cart. Items other than fabric or fringe is sold per each.

4)   Can I get more information about a particular item?
Depending on the type of information you need, we can give you a little more detail about most items we carry. If you would like our opinions as far as looks, uses, or feel of a fabric, we would be more than happy to help. However, if you need specific information that is not listed on our site about a particular item, we may not be able to help. In general, if contents are not listed for a fabric, it is because the contents were not labeled when we received the fabric and we do not have that information.

5)   Can I order samples?
Yes you can! Products that are available for sampling include a convenient "Order Sample" button directly in that product's detail page. Products that are not available for sampling do not include this button. Always remember that if you are interested in a large patterned fabric, you would benefit more to purchase 1 yard because a sample would not give you the full detail. Please refer to our Sample Policy for more information.

6)   Can you give me a fabric quote?
If you need a fabric quote for a Richloom, Premier Prints, Swavelle, or Robert Allen Fabric that has not been discontinued, we can probably help you. However, if you need a quote for another fabric in which you have the manufacturer's name and stock or item number, we may be unable to help. If your search does not include a particular manufacturer and your options are open, please feel free to contact us with details.

7)   Do you sell to the public?
Yes, our website is priced for the general public and only a 1 yard or 1 item minimum is required for purchase. .

8)   What is your return policy?
Please click here to view our return policy.

9)   Can I change or cancel my order?
In most cases, as long as your order has not already been processed, it may be changed or canceled. To do so, you can either e-mail OR call customer support @ (205) 487-8040. Please be ready to provide your order number if possible. If it has already been processed, you have the option to refuse the shipment when it arrives, however the shipping charges will be at your expense. Unfortunately, special orders cannot be changed or cancelled once they have been confirmed by all parties involved.

10)   Will my fabric and / or fringe be shipped in 1 continuous piece?
YES, we ship fabric and fringe in 1 continuous piece whenever possible (which is most of the time). However, there are some occasions in which we are unable to do so for some reason or another. If this situation arises, our support staff will contact you for instructions. And to answer a question that is asked quite often, we never cut yardage orders into 1 yard cuts unless it is requested by our customer. If you require your fabric or fringe in a continuous piece or if you have requests, you can list the details in the Special Instructions section during checkout.