This form is for wholesale customers owning a tax number related to the textile industry (fabric re-sellers, interior designers, etc) who wish to receive a 10% discount on fabric and custom sewing orders placed over our website. Need an efficient drapery workroom? We have room to store up to 20 rolls of your fabric! Click Here to learn more about our wholesale custom drapery workroom.

Along with a 10% discount, you'll also receive generous cuts, neat folding/rolling, secure packaging, fast shipping and outstanding customer service. We truly care about customer satisfaction and treat every order as if it were our own.

1) Click here to create an account (then return to this page to complete step 2).
2) Fill out and submit the form below.
3) WAIT for your e-mail confirmation stating your discount is in place.

**DO NOT place an order before we get your account status changed if you wanna receive that discount :) Any order placed prior will be at regular order price. Thank you for your patience, cooperation, and understandking ♥

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