Aug 30

Add New Life to Your Dining Chairs!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA   During this blog, I will demonstrate how to recover a drop in dining chair.










OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA    I used 27″ square of fabric per chair bottom, adhesive, 1″ foam, staple gun and staples.  The fabric used was Fran Tan.










Always the first step in recovering a dining room chair is to remove existing fabric. Next take a good look at your foam and determine if it needs replacing, I decided these bottoms just needed a little extra softness so I added some more foam.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA    After I had removed all fabric and cut an additional piece of foam, I sprayed a good amount of spray adhesive to the old foam and added the new 1″ piece of foam on top.  As you

can see in the photo I used a good amount of the adhesive.






OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA     Now it’s time to add your fabric. I start by placing a staple in loosely to the center of  all four sides. This will help hold your fabric in the position you have decided the fabric

needs to lay.






OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA    As you move around your chair bottom make sure to pull, smooth and staple will keeping the same tightness.







OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA   Always make sure to fold your corners neatly and toward to back of the chair bottom.







OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  Recovering chair bottoms are a great way to update your dining room in a few hours.