DIY Glucose Test Kit Bag

Glucose Test Kit Bag Difficulty: Beginner – moderate skill level (basic sewing experience required) Let’s admit it. That glucose test kit bag that came free with your meter is pretty lame. It’s downright ugly. It may be practical, but if you have to carry it with you, it should have some swag, some style, right? In this tutorial, we’ll learn how to make a custom glucose test kit bag in under two hours (Give or take depending on your skill level!). If you’re a beginning sewist, this is a great project for you. You’ll have the opportunity to practice and…

Easy DIY Reusable Tote Bag With One Yard or Less

If I told you that a DIY reusable tote bag in two hours or less was possible, you’d say, “Mary, that’s a fairy tale!” To which, I would reply, “Au contraire mon frère! It is no child’s tale, it’s real!” This is a ridiculously easy project continuing with my challenge to use up your stash scraps and find creative ways to DIY with one yard or less. Reversible, practical, reusable, and downright adorable, you can’t have too many tote bags, can you?

DIY Doo-Doo Bag Holder- You Can Do-Do This in No Time!

Doo-Doo Bag How-To Skill Level: Easy – minimal to no sewing Materials Required 1 fat quarter (1/4 yd) lightweight fabric of your choice 12 inches elastic string or 1/8 inch elastic 1 empty toilet paper tube or paper towel tube cut to 3 inches Low Temp Hot Glue and Glue Gun 1 small snap clip with swivel ring – lobster clip, lanyard clip, any type will do. You can even use a tiny carabiner. 4 inch piece of coordinating 1/4″ ribbon Disposable animal waste bags or plastic grocery bags (See video below for how to fold) You get up early and…

Shearling tote

Hi all! Happy weekend again! This week, I thought I’d share one of my favorite projects so far- a shearling tote! A few months ago, I was scrolling through pinterest, looking at cozy winter accessories, and I came across a gorgeous tote from Nordstrom, that was out of stock, and even if it hadn’t been, I’m sure it would have been out of my budget. Anyway, I was reminded of ultra fur chocolate, suede on one side, and shearling/fur on the opposite, and thought maybe I could semi-recreate my dream bag, so here we are. 

Simple tote bag tutorial

    Hello again! I’m back with a quick tutorial for a tote bag. I don’t think it’s possible to own too many totes. There are so many different uses- reusable grocery bag, diaper bag, library bag, you can even use them as reusable gift bags! Slip a brand new coloring book with crayons inside for a great gift for a kiddo, a bottle of wine or sparkling cider, or even a bouquet of flowers, and your gift will continue giving.

Sneak peak storage bag

This little bag has boxed corners for a sturdy bottom, is fully lined and has a zipper closure. The best part, though, is that it has a little plastic window to show off what’s inside. It’s perfect for storing various toy sets with lots of pieces that you want to keep together.

Linen handbag – classic and simple

I absolutely adore linen bags with just a simple touch of color or print, but I admit that when I make something, I really have to force myself to go easy with the contrast. I like the understated look so much when I’m done. This bag is a nice, basic linen with a pretty print used just for the bottom, the interior pockets and the straps.