Holiday/winter fabric roundup 2011

Red, gold, burgundy, silver, ice blue: These are the colors that say winter and holidays to me. Allow us to provide a little inspiration for your holiday decorating. Whether you’re setting the table for a special dinner or putting up Christmas decor, there are so many options for making your home gorgeous. This is just a small selection from all of our lovely options, so please continue to browse in the online store.

Fall fabric roundup

As we head into fall and Thanksgiving approaches, think nutmeg, pumpkin and cinnamon. These flavors will spice up your autumn, and the colors will warm up your home. Throw in some chocolate and caramel to sweeten things up! Here are some lovely fabrics that may inspire your fall sewing. They are just a small selection from all of our lovely options, so if it’s close, but not quite there, come on over to the online store and browse.

French memo board Christmas card display

I love getting Christmas cards, but I never have been able to figure out how to display them all. I have this little wall that you see at the end of the entry way when you walk into my home, and I usually try to attach them there. I finally got the idea to make a French memo board. It’s attractive and allows you to stuff lots of cards in with relative ease. Plus, no permanent damage need be done to your wall. This project is quite easy if you have a staple gun.

Thanksgiving casserole cozy

So, you’ve been invited to someone’s house for Thanksgiving. No doubt you can’t come empty handed. But with a casserole cozy, you can keep your dish warm and comfortable. I think comfort is important for a dish. When I was little, I’d arrange my food on my plate and ask my parents if my plate looked “comfortable.” Indeed, it always did, so I’d like to think I know a thing or two on the subject of putting food at ease. I found this tutorial at the Dixie Doodles blog.