Part 2 Restoring a Victorian Fainting Couch – Tear Down Time

So you REALLY want to restore a fainting couch. Well welcome back! If you didn’t catch Part 1, read on. In Part 2, we’ll explore the rationale for my fabric choice, briefly explore the tear down process, and how I chose the fabric. Demo is the love-hate part for me, and you’ll soon discover why. Might be the same for you. Tell me some of your beastly tear downs in the comments. Love with no judgement here. On to the project, Her Majesty the fainting couch awaits!

DIY Divider Screen Makeover

DIY Fabric Screen Divider Ever get an idea that just won’t let go? Every time I’m in the hobby store, I see these rice paper room dividers. I love them, but even on sale, they’re expensive, and frankly, boring. I’m like, I can do this better, but I’m not paying out the nose. As luck would have it, I found one on my local Facebook Marketplace for $20. To that, I said YES! My DIY fabric screen divider was officially a GO!

Restoring a Victorian Fainting Couch – Part 1

Every once in a while, you come across something special; something so utterly splendid that you would be remiss, with a lifetime of regret for passing it up. Meet Rose! How could I not want to take her home! The opportunity to restore a Victorian fainting couch was too tempting to pass. The price closed the deal! Follow her journey from start to finish. Throughout this project, I ask and encourage you to comment here or on Facebook/Instagramn/Twitter. This is a very personal project for me, one I want to share with you. I hope it inspires you to believe…

DIY Fabric Covered Privacy Window

Lots of decorating going on since we bought the farm. Too much to do! Too many windows, which means privacy is a challenge since I don’t want to cocoon the house in drapery! And then there are the door windows, which pose a unique challenge. This was my solution after a Pinterest (yep, a Pinterest idea) moment. Rather than putting a drape or a shade on the door which requires an installation, we’re going to install a window covering that is unique and will have your friends and neighbors wondering what you are doing, now that they can’t eavesdrop on…

You Made That Outta What? A Semi-Comprehensive Guide to Fabric – Part 4 Damask/Jacquard and While We’re at It, Let’s Just Talk About Brocade for Kicks and Giggles!

If I had your endless attention, I could really go deep on the subject of any fabric. Since I don’t, I’m going to do my best to just keep you entertained and teach you a little history while we’re there. No NO!! Don’t run away! There’s no quiz or paper due, I promise! So riddle me this. How are Jacquard/Damask Brocade and the modern day computer directly related? Wait, what? Yes, they are. And you’ll have to read on to learn how.

Tickety-Tocks This Table Runner Rocks!

  I love this project! I also admit I borrowed the idea!  Thank you Driven By Design for the inspiration. So ticking, most commonly known for its use in bedding material, has gained quite a bit of popularity and momentum in the design circles. Check out Hillary Duff sporting a ticking and lace pinafore for the Zimmerman show recently. Even Chip and Joanna at the Magnolia have several ticking home decor pieces. Yep, ticking has made its way out from under the covers and into the light of day! So what are you waiting for? How about a totally today project…

Want to Love Your Sewing Machine Again? Be KIND To It!

  Your machine is your best friend, your companion on late night binges, and your go-to when you’re craving something new to wear or want to amp up a tired couch. Ever feel that your machine is out to get you though? Maybe it’s needing you to just be KIND and give it a KISS, a Keep It Simple Strategy for daily maintenance. With a four little tips, you’ll be loving your machine once again!

Velcro Is Your Friend… Using Velcro to Clean Up Loose Threads

If there were such a thing as the Griswold Family Sewing Room, I’m certain this monstrosity would be there. Yes, it’s a Velcro knot. And no, this will NOT be a tutorial on how to unknot it. I have no magic solution. There is none. You’ll have to fight this Leviathan on your own pardner. So cowgirl up. No. This was an inspiration because once I conquered the beast, I was rewarded with all the loose threads on the floor embedded in the hook side. And it got me thinking…

Help! My Sewing Machine Won’t Work! Top 5 Sewing Machine Complaints and How to Fix Them

Let’s face it. Your sewing machine is your best friend…when it’s working or sitting in the cabinet. But true to Murphy’s Law, the minute you want to finish or even start a project, it’s inevitable that something will go wrong. Nine times out of ten, it’s just a simple thing. It’s unlikely you’ll experience a major shutdown (except me, of course, when I’m on a deadline…). While most of these time stealers are quick fixes, they can come with a hassle factor of 10+, enough to bring your progress to a grinding halt if you aren’t equipped with some basic…

Picking fabrics for a bedroom make over!

    During this blog, I will demonstrate how to combine fabrics for a bedroom make over.           FABRICS CHOSEN:                             The first piece of fabric I picked out was my accent fabric, then I started finding fabric that would match or blend beautifully.         This beautiful fabric “Alessandro Glacier” will be my accent fabric. I will cover two Euro pillows and an accent chair.               The next fabric will be used for my…