An easy little clock

I saw the idea for making a cute little clock at Prudent Baby. I decided to decorate my clock differently and go with a sewing theme. I found sewing-related charms online and used those as the “numbers.”  Honestly, as I put the clock together, I was sure there was no way it would work. It seemed so flimsy and cheap. I was surprised when it ticked away, just as it should! Who knew making a clock was so easy?

A pretty wall organizer

I wish I could have done this organizer justice with the camera, because live and in-person, it’s just adorable. I love it! The fabrics all look great together and it’s a convenient way to keep track of receipts or any kind of paperwork! It a mostly no-sew project, but there is a little bit of machine time included. Make sure you have a staple gun and a hot-glue gun handy!

Fitted fabric-covered footstool

I have big, squishy couches, and my feet don’t really reach the ground when I sit on them. There’s a coffee table, but it’s not very comfy. So I like having a little foot stool to rest my feet on. On an earlier stool I made a few years ago, I used a little pillow as cushioning, but the foam in this project feels much better and also looks crisper. Rather than just folding and stapling, this project makes small seams on the corners to make it really look nice.

Recovering lamp shades

Do you have a lamp that needs a makeover? You can do it yourself at the fraction of the cost of buying a fancy new lamp shade. All you need is some fabric that matches your decor, ribbon and trim, if desired and something to stick it all on with. Take advantage of thrift  and discount stores for cheap lamp shades and then get crafty.

Puzzle blocks

These puzzle blocks are a fun no-sew project that utilizes several adorable fabrics. We offer a variety of cute prints, many of which can be found among our Novelty Designer Fabrics. I found this project at Craftiness Is Not Optional.  You’ll fussy cut a picture out of each fabric and apply to one side of the blocks. Then you’ll repeat five times. So this is not only a set of blocks, but six different puzzles. Of course, I got stuck trying to put together the bear puzzle. My husband said, “So these are for kids, but you can’t do it?”…

French memo board Christmas card display

I love getting Christmas cards, but I never have been able to figure out how to display them all. I have this little wall that you see at the end of the entry way when you walk into my home, and I usually try to attach them there. I finally got the idea to make a French memo board. It’s attractive and allows you to stuff lots of cards in with relative ease. Plus, no permanent damage need be done to your wall. This project is quite easy if you have a staple gun.