Part 2 Restoring a Victorian Fainting Couch – Tear Down Time

So you REALLY want to restore a fainting couch. Well welcome back! If you didn’t catch Part 1, read on. In Part 2, we’ll explore the rationale for my fabric choice, briefly explore the tear down process, and how I chose the fabric. Demo is the love-hate part for me, and you’ll soon discover why. Might be the same for you. Tell me some of your beastly tear downs in the comments. Love with no judgement here. On to the project, Her Majesty the fainting couch awaits!

What Would Edward Scissorhands Do? Why Good Scissors Matter

Episode 1 The War Ensues Good scissors for sewing are a thing to not be trifled with. A long time ago…1995 to be exact… in a marriage far, far away… a husband recklessly chose his wife’s good scissors reserved for sewing to strip conduit. 12 stitches later… True story. Married a smarter man who respects the good sewing scissors. Good man. A simple tool And they are; but look closer and you’ll marvel at their design. Let’s take a look at this “cutting edge” technology and learn why if you sew, good scissors matter.

Restoring a Victorian Fainting Couch – Part 1

Every once in a while, you come across something special; something so utterly splendid that you would be remiss, with a lifetime of regret for passing it up. Meet Rose! How could I not want to take her home! The opportunity to restore a Victorian fainting couch was too tempting to pass. The price closed the deal! Follow her journey from start to finish. Throughout this project, I ask and encourage you to comment here or on Facebook/Instagramn/Twitter. This is a very personal project for me, one I want to share with you. I hope it inspires you to believe…

You Made That Outta What? A Semi-Comprehensive Guide to Fabric – Part 4 Damask/Jacquard and While We’re at It, Let’s Just Talk About Brocade for Kicks and Giggles!

If I had your endless attention, I could really go deep on the subject of any fabric. Since I don’t, I’m going to do my best to just keep you entertained and teach you a little history while we’re there. No NO!! Don’t run away! There’s no quiz or paper due, I promise! So riddle me this. How are Jacquard/Damask Brocade and the modern day computer directly related? Wait, what? Yes, they are. And you’ll have to read on to learn how.

You Made That Outta What? A Semi-Comprehensive Guide to Fabric – Part 3 Cotton Duck

And…we’re back! How often do we take the ordinary for granted; do we see the tools and necessary items in  our life as routine and take no notice? Whether it’s a pair of high tops, one of those trendy little zipper bags, the sails in your winds, or even the seat cushions on your lawn furniture, Duck is a whole lot more than you think. A close cousin to Duck Tape, their stories converge in an interesting way. So let’s dive into the history of this popular utilitarian fabric that’s getting some mileage these days.