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Jun 3

Coffee cup cozy

It’s 90 degrees out! Don’t you crave a piping-hot cup of tea or coffee? No? OK, perhaps you should file this one away under “projects for the fall/winter.” But, I know that some of you are addicted to your coffee and drink it year-round, and so you might like to whip up a little cozy for your cup. As a matter of fact, I’m drinking hot tea right now since it’s always about 50 degrees in my office.


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Dottie Lipstick

Flower Power Black

Cute buttons - one or two


Small hair tie

Scraps of two fabrics; 2 cute buttons; a bit of Insul-Bright insulating batting. If you don’t have Insul-Bright, just use any kind of batting.

The pattern

Coffee cup cozy pattern 1 Coffee cup cozy pattern 2
Print my renowned high-tech pattern pieces above. Cut off or fold back the border and tape the pieces so the “A’s” line up. Cut it out. Yes, yes I did draw it with a worn out Crayola marker. I have no idea how to make a pattern on the computer. Can you teach me?
With the pattern piece word-side up, cut out one piece of fabric and the Insul-Bright. Cut out the other piece of fabric with the pattern piece word-side down. You’ll notice it’s not a symmetrical pattern piece, and your pieces won’t match up when right-sides are together if you don’t cut them this way.
Also, please note that I have added 3/4″ to this pattern because while it fit a paper Starbucks cup OK, it didn’t fit a reusable cup I have, so I made it just a touch longer. So yours will be a bit bigger than the one in these pictures.

The process

As I mentioned above, you don’t cut both pieces of your fabric with the pattern oriented the same way or they won’t line up when placed right-sides together for sewing. Although this is reversible, technically, for the purpose of example, the black fabric is the lining. I cut that piece and the Insul-Bright out with the pattern piece facing up (words up) and I cut the red piece with the pattern piece facing down (words down) so that they are opposites.
You want the silver side of your Insul-Bright to face the lining piece, although since this is reversible, it doesn’t particularly matter.
My hair tie is one of those small, skinny ones that doesn’t even hold my hair and I can’t figure out why I have it. It had a metal piece that I cut out so I wouldn’t risk hitting it with my needle. I lined up my cut ends and stitched as shown in the photo. The Insul-Bright/batting is underneath.
Lay your other piece face-down on the first piece.
Stitch a 1/4″ seam allowance, leaving a hole to turn it around. Cut the corners off. I also found it helped to trim the Insul-Bright out of the seam allowances.
Turn right side out and push the corners out. Press.
Turn in the seam allowance of the hole and pin.
Top stitch 1/8″ away from edge. You’ll close that hole when you do this.
Mark a spot about 2-3/4″ from the end that doesn’t have the elastic tie and sew your buttons there. You can sew one on each side if you want it to be reversible.Place on your cup to protect your dainty hand from the heat and go get caffeinated.
  • Joyce Crowe

    Too Cute, I will make this for my daughter. She works at Starbuck’s as a barista. It will come in handy on her breaks and on her drive to work each morning.

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