Comfy outdoor roll

I found this fun project at Sew4Home. I used pretty spring fabrics to make this roll, which turned out to work quite nicely for sitting on the grass at the zoo and in my backyard. It also works nicely for baby yoga (see last picture). I like the way the Nu-Foam feels. It keeps the dampness away from you and feels nice and thick.


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Carmichael - Lapiz

Terrace Kelso - French Blue


D-rings (4)
I used 2 yards of each fabric and 2 yards of Nu-Foam. The foam comes off the roll at the right width, though I ended up needing to trim mine just a little. 

Nu-Foam is a great foam for outdoor use. It’s mildew resistant and doesn’t disintegrate as easily as some foams.

The pattern

Instructions for this project can be found at

The process

When I roll my mat up, the underside sort of pops forward (see the stripes). At first I thought about top-stitching to prevent this, but then I decided I liked the look of the contrast material, so I decided to leave it. 

As for the straps, I went shopping for a bunch of notions at once and didn’t think to check on the size of D-rings. The pattern just says “D-rings.” You need to have them 2-1/4 inches wide. In my case, I had smaller ones and decided to work with them. So I folded my straps in half again and stitched them. That’s why my straps are narrower than the ones in the original tutorial.

I left my handle strap wide like the original pattern and then stitched it partway from each end to create a folded strap. I just did this for effect. It looks cool and left less bulk where it goes under the side straps.
To do this, just measure several inches in from each end (I did four inches) and then fold strap in half again and stitch between those points, leaving the outer four inches full width at each end.

Other views

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