Compact diaper case

mainDespite our ever-popular diaper bag tutorial, which I designed when I was pregnant, I am not much of a diaper bag person. I am more of a purse and compact caddy kind of mom. This pack holds 2-3 diapers and a case of wipes, and it has a strap with clip so that you can secure it to the straps of your purse or your stroller handle. For quick errands where you don’t need a ton of supplies, something like this is perfect.









Suzani Wisteria
Lulu Wisteria / Storm Twill
Lulu Wisteria / Storm Twill
Craft Fuse
Craft Fuse








1 D-ring
1 D-ring
1 swivel clasp
1 swivel clasp
Decorative button (optional)
Decorative button (optional)








The Pattern

Cut out the following pieces:

Back pocket (optional): 6.5″X6.5″ (WxH) – Cut 1 outer fabric
Flap: 6.5″x6″ (WxH): Cut 1 outer fabric, cut 1 lining fabric, cut 1 interfacing (Craft Fuse is what I recommend. It’s fusible and stiff)
Strap: 4″x11″ – cut 1 of either fabric (I used lining for contrast)
Front/back: 8″x11.75″ – cut 2 outer fabric, 2 lining fabric, 2 interfacing. Cut out 1.25″ squares from the bottom corners.

The Process

diaper caddy 003

The pocket is optional. Mine was too small to hold the wipes case, so the measurements I gave you are a tiny bit bigger, just in case you want it. Press the sides over 1/4″. Then press the bottom up 1/4″.

diaper caddy 006

Press the top down 1/4″ then another 1/4″.

diaper caddy 007

Stitch along the top.

diaper caddy 008

Pin the pocket to the back outer piece and sew around the sides and bottom close to the edges.

diaper caddy 009

Make your straps. You’ll really be making just one piece and then cutting it later into two. Press the ends under 1/4″ and then make according to our Non-Turn Strap Tutorial.

diaper caddy 010(1)

Fold each end over one piece of the hardware (one is a swivel clasp and the other is a D-ring). Sew to secure.

diaper caddy 012

Cut the D-ring end about 2″ from the folded edge. Set aside for now.

diaper caddy 015

For placement of the magnetic snap, mark the lining flap piece 1-7/8″ from the bottom and 3-1/8″ from the sides. Take one side of your snap (for me, this is the male snap) and mark where the snap “posts” are. I’m sure there’s a better word for that!

diaper caddy 016

On the back, iron on a bit of interfacing to provide more stability.

diaper caddy 018

Snip tiny slits for the snap to go through. The slits go through both the fabric and the interfacing. I do this most easily by folding the fabric where the marks are and cutting the tiniest snip on the fold. Push the posts through, place the back piece on and fold the posts over.

diaper caddy 019

From the front.

diaper caddy 029

To mark the magnetic snap placement for the bag front, mark 3″ from the top and 4″ from either side. Repeat process to apply snap.

diaper caddy 013

With right-sides together, sew the flap pieces together around the sides and bottom. The bottom is the edge closest to the magnetic snap. By the way, I added a decorative button to my flap front, so I sewed that on by machine just before this step (see pic below).

diaper caddy 022

Turn right-side out and press, then top stitch.

diaper caddy 024

Take the back outer piece (with pocket) and center the raw edge of the flap on the top edge of the back piece. Baste in place.

diaper caddy 025

Place front and back pieces right-sides together. Sew down sides and across bottom. Don’t sew where the cutouts are.

diaper caddy 027

To box the corners. Pinch the corners where the cut-out squares are so that the side and bottom seams are aligned.

diaper caddy 028

Sew across.

diaper caddy 030

Turn right-side out.

diaper caddy 031(1)

Add a strap piece to either side of the bag by aligning the raw edge of the snap with the raw top edge of the bag, centered on the seam allowance.

diaper caddy 032

Sew your lining as you did the outer bag, but leave several inches open along one side for turning the bag right-side out later.

diaper caddy 033

Place your outer bag INSIDE your lining bag, so the right sides are together. Your outer bag is right-side out and your lining is inside out. Pin around the top, aligning the side seams.

diaper caddy 035

Sew around the top and then turn right-side out. Sew the lining piece closed at the hole.

diaper caddy 036

Press your bag, paying special attention to smoothing the top edge. Top stitch around the top edge, making sure your flap is pointing away from the bag so you don’t accidentally sew it down. Fill with baby accoutrements.

Other Views

diaper caddy 039(1)diaper caddy 042(1)diaper caddy 044(1)diaper caddy 048