Aug 2

Covered Buttons!!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA     During this blog, I will demonstrate how to cover a button.














All you will need is fabric and some buttons to cover. I chose 1 and 1/2 inch buttons.











Have you ever been doing a decorating project that called for buttons but you could not find what you needed? Well I have been working on a slip cover for a chair and needed some pretty buttons to match. I found buttons that you can add any color or design that is needed!!! So let’s get started.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA   First step is to consider the placement of you fabric on the button top. I want to add some of the spa blue color along with the walnut color. Measure at least 1/2 larger than the top and draw a circle.







OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA   Second step is to cut the circle out.







OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA   Next, pick up the button top and the circle that you have cut out of fabric and make sure you have the proper placement of the fabric design.







OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  Place the button top and fabric face down and start pushing the fabric into the teeth that are located on the back side of the button top. Make sure to smooth your fabric as you continue around the entire button.







OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA   This is what the back of the button top will look like when you have finished pushing the fabric into the teeth.







OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  Now take the flat disc making sure to let the metal hook eye go through the slot and snap into place.







OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  Now you can create a covered button!!! Stay tuned next time to see where I have used these buttons.