DIY Fabric Covered Privacy Window

Lots of decorating going on since we bought the farm. Too much to do! Too many windows, which means privacy is a challenge since I don’t want to cocoon the house in drapery! And then there are the door windows, which pose a unique challenge. This was my solution after a Pinterest (yep, a Pinterest idea) moment.

Rather than putting a drape or a shade on the door which requires an installation, we’re going to install a window covering that is unique and will have your friends and neighbors wondering what you are doing, now that they can’t eavesdrop on you anymore! And the best part about this…it’s easily removable and costs a fraction of those expensive window cling things.

DIY Fabric Covered Privacy Window

Difficulty Level: Easy – no sewing required


Clear Mod Podge
Sponge Paint Brush
Painter’s Tape
Dampened sponge for clean-up
Thin drapery sheer according to your needs. Most fabric runs 54″ wide. I used  Homely Sheer Natural.  Another good choice is  Homely Sheer Stripe White  or Vienna Ecru
Homely Sheer Natural
Homely Sheer Stripe White
Vienna Ecru


  1. Clean window surface well with glass cleaner
  2. Measure the opening to be covered
  3. Measure the width and length of your window. Cut to the exact measurements.
  4. Apply painter’s tape around the edges so it extends over the edge.
  5. Tape to the window.


  1. Paint a small amount of Mod Podge using short strokes. Smooth as you go with the squeegee if necessary to remove any bubbles. Be careful not to scrape and do not press hard.
  2. Wipe off any excess Mod Podge from the windowsill using the sponge slightly dampened.
  3. Let the window dry completely.
  4. Remove painter’s tape carefully and repeat steps 1-4.
  5. Allow to dry overnight.

To remove, dampen the window and using a plastic scraper, remove and thoroughly wash.

Not my windows, but these beautiful lace covered windows may inspire you as well!

Sew ‘n piece my friends!