Expert Tips for Choosing the Perfect Bedding for Every Lifestyle

Since the average person spends one-third of their life in bed we should be paying more attention to the materials we are sleeping with every night. The same bedding doesn’t work for everyone, each person may have specific preferences in bedding that can help them sleep better. Bedding types can differ based on where a person is located, whether that be in Florida or Oregon, or whether a person is a warm or cold sleeper. That’s why we asked experts to share their best tips for choosing the perfect bedding for any lifestyle.

Thread count doesn’t equal softness

Thread count does not equal softness, actually, it’s the opposite, the more thread count, the less soft the sheet will be. But the more thread count the more sturdy the bed sheet will be. However, we always do recommend when buying a sheet is to focus on the quality of the material that’s why we offer 100% Long Staple cotton, Cooling Bamboo or Environmental Eucalyptus bed sheets here to provide the most comfortable feel for our customers. –Wholesale Bedding

Tyler Howells, Cozy Earth: At Cozy Earth, finding the perfect bedding is all about increasing personal luxury through enhanced benefits such as superior softness, temperature regulation, verified non-toxicity, and hypoallergenic features. These benefits address people’s most common sleep problems in one fell swoop.  Prioritizing what your bedding can do FOR YOU leads to a better night’s sleep and a more rested lifestyle.

Bedding quality is important

The two most important factors to consider when choosing the perfect bedding is the quality of the cotton and thread count. A supreme cotton is more important than we were ever led to believe. Look for certified Egyptian cotton or supima cotton. A 600 thread count Egyptian Cotton bedding set is the go-to luxury choice. –House Babylon

When choosing any bedding, think about the fiber and weave first. If you sleep cold and like a starched “crisp” feel, consider a supima cotton fiber with a percale weave. If you sleep hot and like something smooth against your skin, try out a pair of bamboo sheets with a twill weave. –Lasuens

Choose bed linen woven from long-staple combed Egyptian cotton. We know how hard it is to understand if some products are crafted in such high-quality raw material so, at senseslinen, we guarantee you that our cotton bed linen is. –Isabel, Senseslinen

White bedding and linen are very versatile

Our best tip for choosing bedding is to pick white bedding. It’s crisp, clean and spa-like and always looks great no matter the style. –Rain and Rowe

Unlike some other fabrics that are only adaptable to one or two styles, linen fabrics can be used in a variety of styles. For example, contemporary style with a reversible linen duvet cover for a versatile look every day. Farmhouse bedroom with ruffle linen bedspread which goes all the way down to the floor gives any room an elegant and romantic vibe. Or even a single detail piping all the way around can make basic linen duvet cover beautiful. –Superior Custom Linens

With sheets and pillowcases consider 100% cotton, using neutral colors, white and ivory are the most popular. Neutrals work with almost any décor and never go out of style, which is why most hotels use white as the bed always looks clean and fresh.  If possible, look for linens made in Europe, more specifically Italy, as Italy is where the finest bed linens in the world are produced. Vero Linens

Look for natural materials

The perfect bedding should be comfortable, non-toxic, and easily complement your bedroom decor. Our 100% bamboo bedding is softer than cotton, stays cool all night, and is certified organic and free of harmful chemicals. Make it a priority to invest in your sleep by switching to quality bedding that is good for you and the planet. –Mandy Miller, Simply Organic Bamboo

The most important thing when choosing bedding is to look for 100% natural materials. So starting with your bedsheets, avoid any synthetic materials – they can make you sweat and overheat – and opt for cotton, linen or bamboo sheets. All three options are natural, with linen and bamboo scoring the highest in terms of breathability whereas cotton provides the widest range in terms of colors, styles and pricing options. When it comes to touch and feel, bamboo sheets are by far the softest, plus they have the added benefit of being eco-friendly. –The Bamboo Shop

We specialize in pillows and bedding without added chemicals. All of our pillows are handcrafted with an outer shell made from 100% certified organic cotton sateen fabric that has not been treated with flame retardants. Our organic cotton pillows are filled with the same- untreated, certified organic cotton. Our kapok pillows are filled with natural, untreated kapok (a plant fiber similar to down) and out wool pillows are filled with natural wool that has only been washed in a mild detergent, again with no added chemicals. –Marlon Pando, White Lotus Home

Find what YOU need

Select bedding that allows YOU to achieve the best possible sleep you can. The BlanQuil Team recommends leveraging the benefits of Deep Pressure Stimulation by using a weighted blanket to maximize your time in deep, restorative sleep. –BlanQuil

The perfect bedding starts with you! When choosing a bed protector you have to ask 3 simple questions: What am I protecting from? Allergens, Spills, Mold, and Mildew, or Bed Bugs – Not all encasements are created equal. Am I a hot sleeper? Some mattress protectors are more breathable than others. Make sure to get one that fits your needs. Zippered or Fitted? While zippered mattress protectors offer complete protection, some mattresses are too bulky to maneuver, making a fitted cover a better choice. –Bargoose

In my experience, it’s critical that one is pleased with the style, weight, color, fabric weave, and wash-ability of their bedding or they’ll never be truly satisfied. Do you have pets in your bed like my family does? Enjoy easy care with a lightweight washable duvet cover made of a non-napped fabric weave that doesn’t attract pet hair — being sure to avoid fuzzy velvet and chenille like fabrics for example. –Tanya Gilbert,

A growing number of studies are finding that temperature regulation plays a role in many cases of chronic insomnia. Researchers have shown, for example, that insomniacs tend to have a warmer core body temperature than normal sleepers just before bed, which leads to heightened arousal and a struggle to fall asleep. That’s exactly why we developed Cool-jams Sleep Products, to help the sleeper achieve the optimum sleep temperature range. Our sleepwear and bedding are a great way for nighttime sweaters to stay cooler and drier. –Cool-Jams

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