Flat felled seam

A flat felled seam is a double stitched seam that is heavy duty. You’ve probably seen them on jeans for seams that need extra strength.While similar in some ways to the French seam, I like that this seam doesn’t require any calculations for the seam allowance. You just start with whatever your seam allowance is supposed to be and go from there.


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Cotton Duck – Natural

The process

(Remember, you can click the photos for bigger views.)You need to start with your fabrics WRONG-sides together. Just trust me on this.


Sew a seam at your required seam allowance (I did 5/8 inch).

Press it just as it is — don’t open it up or anything. Just set the stitches in place.I see that once again I have selected a fabric that blends right into my ironing board! Yay me.
Trim the underside of your seam allowance in at least half.
Fold your longer seam allowance over the shorter one and press into place.
Open up your fabric. Remember, this is the RIGHT-side of the fabric you’re looking at.
Press your folded-over seam allowance toward the trimmed side, so that the raw edges are hidden.
Sew close to the edge, encasing those raw edges inside the seam. Now you have a nice, durable seam.

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