Guest post – closet organization

Dear readers,
Today I share a guest post with some fun organization ideas!


Organization is key in everyone’s lives, from keeping the kids’ soccer schedules in order to keeping a tidy home and office. Don’t even get us started on the importance of a well-kept closet! Thankfully, there are fun crafts out there that can help transform a messy, disorganized closet into a neatly arranged, easily accessible storage space.


Hop into the closet and get started! It can be your head start to the upcoming task of spring-cleaning. Remove the winter apparel and collect any old hangers that you will no longer need.

For the following project, all you will need is a hanger and some shower curtain rings. After collecting all materials, start the process of hooking the shower curtain rings onto the clamp part of the hanger. All those scarves and ties thrown about your closet can be hung from each ring for the perfect scarf and tie organizer.


To organize these accessories even further, paint each shower curtain ring to correspond with the color of the scarf or tie. By doing this, you’ll have a quick visual of the color of your accessories, which will help you find the item that will match perfectly with your outfit.


If you have a lot of scarves and ties, chances are you’ll need more than one hanger to organize everything. To make it easier to find exactly what you’re looking for, paint the hanger itself according to the color of your ties and scarves. The red hanger can be home to all the accessories with a shade of red, the grey hanger will hold all the grey scarves and ties, and so on. This way, when you’re deciding your outfit for the day, you’re not rummaging through a drawer or basket. They’ll be displayed simply, accessibly, and in a visually striking way!


Don’t throw away household items before searching for a way to repurpose the item. Crafts using old hangers and other objects found around the home are fun and easy, plus they help you to cut down on your garbage. compiled an easy and free downloadable PDF of crafts with hangers. The “Crafts from the Closet” resource will spark creativity with its ideas for repurposing old hangers!


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