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Hobo bag

016Everyone loves a hobo bag. They’re anything you want them to be: classic, modern, edgy, funky, sweet, slouchy. Here’s a slightly large one — still perfect for a handbag, but with lots of room. Choose two complementary fabrics for a fun look.







Magnetic snap

Magnetic snap

Craft Fuse

Craft Fuse

Multi Loop Pool

Multi Loop Pool

Luxury Floral Pool

Luxury Floral Pool








I used 2/3 of a yard each of the Multi Loop Pool fabric and Luxury Floral Pool fabric. I used the Multi Loop only for the outer front panels and a small pocket and the Luxury Floral for the rest (just to give you an idea of how I did it, but feel free to mix and match as you please).  I used 2 yards of the Craft Fuse and one magnetic snap.








The pattern

Print the following PDFs as pattern pieces. Be sure to print them at 100%. You’ll see that each page has a border. Cut or fold away the borders and tape the pages together matching the letters. Then cut out the pattern pieces. NOTE: In the interest of saving paper, each pattern piece is 1/2 of an actual piece, meaning you’ll cut each one on the fold of the fabric (it’s noted on the pattern) and then when you open up the fabric, you’ll have a full piece.

Hobo bag 1 Hobo bag 2 Hobo bag 3 Hobo bag 4 Hobo bag 5 Hobo bag 6

Here is a picture to give you an idea how it looks when it’s all put together:

Click to enlarge

Click to enlarge








1/2″ seam allowances unless otherwise noted.


The process

Hobo bag 001

Cut out all of your pattern pieces. If you have a complicated print and you want two pieces to come out just the same, cut out one (I made sure to center it on the pattern) and then set that one on top of the fabric and line up the pattern perfectly. Then cut out the other one.

Hobo bag 002

Fuse your interfacing onto all of the outer pieces.

Hobo bag 003

Find the center points of your outer bag pieces and the outer side/bottom piece. This will help you line things up better.

Hobo bag 004

Start by lining up and pinning at that center point and move out in either direction from there, around the corner and up to the top edge.
NOTE: You will likely have a little extra fabric on the side/bottom piece at the top edge. Just let it hang over for now.

Hobo bag 005

Carefully stitch around the bag. Go slowly around the curve, and smooth the fabric as you go to reduce the number of tucks that form.

Hobo bag 006

You end up with this. Repeat on the other side, attaching the side/bottom to the other front piece. Then trim off any extra on the side/bottom piece that may be hanging off the top edge.

Hobo bag 008

Optional: Make a pocket for inside of the bag. Take two rectangles the same size and sew them right-sides together (3/8″ seam allowance is fine here), leaving a hole for turning at the bottom. Trim the corners. Turn it right-side out and press the pocket smooth. Press in the seam allowance of the hole. Top stitch the top edge of the pocket.

Hobo bag 009

Pin pocket to lining piece and stitch around the sides and bottom.

Hobo bag 010

Add the magnetic snap. See this tutorial for help on that.

Hobo bag 011

Stitch your lining the same way as your other bag, but leave a hole at the bottom on one side for turning the bag right-side out later.

Hobo bag 012

On both strap pieces, turn under and press a 1/2″ section along each long edge.

Hobo bag 015

Place the pieces wrong-sides together and pin. You might need to adjust the folds a bit so it lines up just right.

Hobo bag 016

Top stitch along either long end.

Hobo bag 017

Baste each raw end of the strap to the sides of the bag.

Hobo bag 018

Place the outer bag inside the lining with the right-sides together.

Hobo bag 019

Line up the side seams and pin the top edges together all the way around.

Stitch the bag around the top edge. The turn it right-side out through the hole in the lining and pull the lining out.

Hobo bag 020

Fold the seam allowance of the hole under and pin. Top stitch the hole closed.

Hobo bag 022

Push the lining back inside. Then press the top edge to neaten it up. Top stitch around the top edge. Steam and press the other seams of the bag until it’s nice and crisp.


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