How to turn bias tape into piping

Piping (optional)

This tutorial shows you how to make piping from bias tape and cording. Why would you do this? Well in the instance of this tutorial, I wanted piping but didn’t have time to trek to the store. I happened to have some bias tape that matched and also some piping cording. But there are also many instances where notions stores don’t stock piping in all of the colors that they have bias tape in, so I use the bias tape to make the piping I want.

To learn how to make piping from scratch using a fabric of your choice, please see this tutorial.






linen bag 001
Piping cord and bias tape
Piping foot
Piping foot








The process

linen bag 002Press open your bias tape.

linen bag 003See those four creases? You don’t need so much fabric, so cut off one of them.

linen bag 004Like this. It’s not an exact science.

linen bag 005Place your piping cord in the center.

linen bag 006Fold the fabric over and pin to secure.

linen bag 008Stitch, using a piping foot, close to the cord. That’s it!

linen bag 010