Lavender-filled silk eye pillow

113Sometimes a tiny bit of pressure on my eyes helps me relax, and the scent of lavender always brings me joy. This little eye pillow has a removable silk cover and is filled with lavender and flax seeds. Chill it in the fridge or freezer for a cooling effect. (Here is a more contoured version of an eye pillow, slightly different.)






Flax seed
Flax seed
Dried lavender
Dried lavender
Sheeting Natural
Regal Brick
Regal Brick










I had 1/4 yard of silk fabric, which was more than suitable amount for fussy cutting with the stripes. For the interior fabric, you just need a scrap. Flax seeds can be bought in bulk at your local health store, and dried lavender should also be available there.


1/2″ seam allowances.


The pattern

Interior: Cut two pieces of the cotton fabric measuring 5.25″x9″
Exterior: Cut four pieces of the silk fabric measuring 5.5″x9.25″
Exterior flap: Cut two pieces of the silk fabric measuring 5.25″x5″ (WxH)




Sew your cotton interior bag right-sides together all the way around, leaving a small hole for turning on one side.


Clip the corners (without cutting the stitching) and press the seams open.


Turn right-side out and press.


Mix some flax seeds and lavender and use a funnel to fill the bag. NOTE: I filled my bag  a bit too full, which made it sort of stiff. You want it to conform to the face a bit, so keep that in mind. It’s easy enough to open up the inner bag and let some out after the fact if you find it is too full — or, likewise, to add some.


So, keep filling, but not too packed.


Fold in the seam allowance and stitch the hole closed.


Here’s your little bag! Now you just need a nice cover.


Make the flap by sewing around the two 5″ edges and one of the 5-1/4″ sides. Clip the corners.


Turn right-side out and press.


Sew one of your outer bag pieces in the same manner as the flap. Clip the corners, turn right-side out and press.


Do the same with the other outer piece, but leave a hole for turning on this one. Leave this one inside-out.


On the piece that’s turned right-side out, pin the flap along the top on one side and baste at about 3/8″.  Make sure not to catch the other side of the bag.


Insert the bag that’s turned right-side out into the other bag (so right sides are facing). Tuck the flap in, too.


Pin all the way around the top.


Sew around the top edge and then turn the whole thing right-side out through the hole in the lining piece.


Turn in the seam allowance of that hole and stitch closed.


Tuck the lining into the outer bag and press.


Stuff the pillow into the bag.


Tuck the flap in to secure the pillow.

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