Let’s make some potholders!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  During this blog, I will demonstrate how to make potholders using some Christmas print fabric.

















I used 3/8 yards of each of  the above fabrics plus cotton batting. The red fabric which I have chosen for my lining is flame resistant!





First step in creating some potholders was to make some bias binding. To do this I cut a piece of my red fabric at a 45 degree angle at least 1 and 1/2″ wide.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  Although this picture only shows one cut I proceeded to cut this square piece of fabric into many more strips of bias binding.






OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  I then took my strips and folded it in half then pressed. Then fold each edge into the center and press once more.






OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  I chose to use a pattern but you can use an existing potholder and trace it around adding 3/8 inch to allow for your seam. Cut 2 pieces of your outside fabric (top and bottom pieces). Cut 2 pieces of padding and 2 pieces of lining fabric.






OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  You will need to baste your layers together. In this photo, I have a face fabric, cotton batting, and my lining fabric. Pin these three fabrics together then baste around the perimeter. This will be your front of the potholder, next repeat the procedure with the remaining face fabric, cotton batting and lining.





OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  For this potholder I decided I wanted it quilted. This photo shows how to make sure your lines are uniform while quilting. I took my yard stick which measures 1  and 1/2″ thick and traced it off over the entire lining. Next turn it so the lines will cross and mark again.





OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  Stitch along your lines and you have a nice quilted look.






OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  Add your binding at the bottom of each piece of the fabric you have basted and quilted.







OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  When you have added your bias binding then make a 5 inch loop folded in half to create a hook and add this to the thumb side of the potholder.









The last step is to sew both of the quilted fabrics right sides together. Use a 3/8 inch stitch around the perimeter of the fabric, then turn right side out and you are finished!



OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  This is the finished quilted potholder. I also tried one without the quilting.






OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  No quilting involved in this potholder. I believe I like them both.

These are some good ideas for Christmas presents for the cooks in your life.

Happy sewing until next time!!!