Jul 10

Linen Cushion!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA    During this blog, I will demonstrate how to make this lovely linen cushion!



















For this cushion I used approximately 3.5 yards of Killarney Grey linen and approximately 11 yards of piping.






My customer needed at bench cushion that measured 20″ by 78″ so my first step was to cut two pieces of fabric 21″ by 79″.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  Next I cut the side panels of my boxed cushion. For this cushion I cut one long strip of three inch wide fabric ninety inches long. Then I cut two sections of two inch wide fabric seventy-nine inches long.






OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  Now, cut the strips of fabric to cover the piping.  To figure how much piping I needed I added the perimeter of what my cushion needs to be finished. For this cushion I added 20 + 20+ 78 +78= 196  then divide this by 36 which makes 5.44 yards of piping for the top piece of cushion then you will need the same amount for the bottom piece of the cushion. So you will need to cover at least eleven yards of piping for the whole cushion.





OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  Sew all the strips for piping together to make one long strip.









OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  Now take the piping and cover it using the zipper foot attachment as shown in the photo.








OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  Now it is time to sew the piping onto the top cushion fabric and  the bottom cushion fabric.









OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  As you come to the corners of the cushion make sure to clip the edges of the covered piping to help turn the corners better.








OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA   Once you have added the covered piping to both the top and bottom cushion fabric it is time to make the cushions side panels.

I like to start by making the zippered section first. The first step is to take the two (2″) sections and baste stitch them together. Then press the seam open and place the zipper face down on the seam.

Stitch the zipper into place.

After the zipper has been sewn then flip the zipper over and remove the baste stitch with a seam ripper.




OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  Next take the two side pieces and sew them together at the ends to create one long piece of fabric for the side panel.








OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  Then the last step is to take your finished side panel and add this to the top cushion then add to the bottom cushion.








OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  Now you know how to make this lovely linen bench cover!


Happy sewing until next time!