Linen handbag – classic and simple

linen bag 053I absolutely adore linen bags with just a simple touch of color or print, but I admit that when I make something, I really have to force myself to go easy with the contrast. I like the understated look so much when I’m done. This bag is a nice, basic linen with a pretty print used just for the bottom, the interior pockets and the straps.







Craft Fuse
Craft Fuse
magnetic snaps
Magnetic snap
Piping (optional)
Piping (optional)







Linen Duck Washed Natural
Linen Duck Washed Natural
Avery Spice
Avery Spice








The pattern

linen bag 053

Linen bag pattern pieces

Click the link above to access the pattern pieces. There are nine pages to print. You’ll then tape them together, matching the letters. This will form three of your bag pieces. The other three are simple rectangles and I will provide the dimensions below:

Strap: 12.5″x4.5″Pocket: 11.5″x5.5″

Cut the following:
Bag lining – cut 2 of whatever fabric you want to use for the lining
Outer bag, top – cut 2 of the main outer fabric (I used the same for this one and the lining), cut 2 of interfacing
Outer bag, bottom – cut 2 of contrast fabric, cut 2 of interfacing
Pocket – cut 4 of fabric (I used the same as my outer bag bottom)
Strap – cut 2 of fabric (I used the same as pockets, outer bag bottom)

1/2″ seam allowances throughout.

Finished bag is 9″ high, 9″ across at bottom and 15″ across at top.

The process

linen bag 013First, iron the Craft Fuse to the back sides of the outer bag pieces.

linen bag 014Next, sew piping to the bottom edge of the big bag exterior piece (optional) using a piping foot.

linen bag 015Place the bottom exterior bag piece right-side together with the top piece so the piping is sandwiched between them. I sew this seam with the piping foot.

linen bag 016When you’re done, they will look like this. Note: If I weren’t using piping, I’d top stitch either side of the seam for a more finished look.

linen bag 017Make the straps using this tutorial.

linen bag 018Place your straps evenly along the top of the bag and pin in place. I chose to place mine 3″ from either side. Ensure that your strap is not twisted. Then baste in place along the top edge. Repeat on other bag piece.

linen bag 019Pin your two exterior bag pieces together, taking extra care to align the piping seam so they meet up perfectly at the sides. If not using piping, just be sure to align the seam.

linen bag 021Stitch along the sides and the bottom, but don’t do any stitching at the cutout squares.

linen bag 030Box the corners of your bag using this tutorial. Turn the bag right-side out and set aside for now.

linen bag 031Take two pocket pieces and pin the right-sides together. Stitch all the way around, save for a hole at the bottom edge for turning.

linen bag 032Clip the corners to reduce bulk and turn right-side out. Gently push out corners. Repeat on other pocket.

linen bag 033Press your pocket pieces smooth, turning in the seam allowance of the hole (shown here).

linen bag 034Top-stitch the top edge of your pockets.

linen bag 035Center each pocket on a lining piece and pin in place. Stitch along the sides and bottom, close to the edge. This will close up that hole you used to turn the pocket. In the photo above, the stitching at the left is the top stitching at the top of the pocket. It is not stitched down to the lining fabric there. Just the sides and bottom.

linen bag 036Make some dividers of your choice on the pocket. Here, I’ve stitched two lines 1″ apart to make a pen slot. Then there are two big pockets on either side of that.

linen bag 039Insert your magnetic snaps; see this tutorial for help.

linen bag 041Place your lining pieces right-sides together and stitch down the sides and across the bottom, but leave a large hole through which you can turn the entire bag (shown).

linen bag 042Leave your lining inside out. Place your exterior bag (which is right-side out) inside the lining. The right sides of each are facing each other. Tuck the straps inside.

linen bag 043Straighten it all out and align the side seams. Align the top edges and pin all the way around. Stitch around the top edge.

linen bag 044Turn right-side out through the hole in the lining.

linen bag 045Turn the seam allowance of the hole in and pin. Stitch close to the edge to close it. If you want it to be invisible, hand stitch it. I just do it by machine.

linen bag 046Press and pin the top edge of the bag so it is smooth and pin.

linen bag 047Top stitch along the top edge of the bag.

Other views

linen bag 056linen bag 052

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