Making an envelope cover for odd-shaped pillows

024We have this foam wedge pillow lying around that needed a cover. I thought it might make a good tutorial to show how to make a cover for an odd-shaped pillow. I’ll show how I made this one, and you can apply the steps to make one for your funky cushion. I did an envelope opening for ease of access without messing with a zipper.







Sheeting Taupe
Sheeting Taupe








For this big wedge pillow, I used 1 yard of this extra-wide sheeting fabric (with some left over). Make sure you prewash so you don’t have any surprises after making your project.


The Process


If you’re covering an odd-shaped pillow, it’s going to be more complicated than measuring out a few rectangles. You’ll trace each side of the pillow to make a pattern. Although in the photo, I’m lining up the edge with the edge of the paper, don’t forget you’ll need a bit of room to add seam allowances.


Trace around each side using a pencil. Your lines will be a bit wiggly and imprecise. The front and back of my pillow are squares (well, they are actually slight rectangles. I made sure that I marked the side edges for later). The sides are triangles and the back is a rectangle.


Using a clear, gridded ruler, add 1/2″ seam allowances. This is where you’ll get your lines crisper and cleaner. Cut out your pieces.


For the side that will have an envelope closure, find the lengthwise center line (I just folded mine in half lengthwise to make a crease).


I added 1.5″ to the center line and cut off the rest. This 1.5″ is 1″ for the overlap plus 1/2″ for the hem. Since the other side will be the same size, this will allow 2″ total of overlap. You can adjust this according to your preferences.


I am pinning one of my side rectangle pieces to one side of one of my front/back squares (where I marked the side edges). I sewed it in place.


Then I sewed the side triangle to the other front/back piece. It looked like this. I repeated with the other side triangle.


Finish the interior edges if you’d like to prevent fraying with washing. I serged mine (can you tell I hate to change the thread? I just went with green since it would be on the inside!).


Next I lined up the front and back pieces, centering and smoothing the triangle pieces underneath. (Folded open in the photo above so you can see.)


Here I have the panels lined up and the triangle is hidden in between. I pinned the front edge of the wedge pillow cover.


I sewed the front edge of the pillow closed. This is the pointy edge of the triangle if viewed from the side.


All that’s left is the envelope opening. I did a small hem on one long edge of each back piece by folding 1/4″ and pressing, then another 1/4″.


Then I stitched it.


I overlapped the envelope pieces, making sure the total width was the width of the back of the pillow. Then I based the pieces together.


The last step was to pin and stitch that back piece to the opening of the rest of the cover. I turned it right-side out and inserted the pillow.


Other views