No-Slip Sheet Tutorial or How to NOT Get Your Sheets in a Bind

I am a quiet sleeper. My husband, on the other hand, slumbers like a tsunami, wave after wave rolling in wreaking havoc on my territory in spite of a king sized bed. He takes up 35% of it. Of course, then there are the dogs who take up the other 60% leaving me with a sparse 5%. I wish this were my family…

This isn’t my family, but it’s not too far fetched. Short sheets are the bane of my existence. They are also a nightly occurrence. I don’t understand how anyone can sleep that way. It’s like a mosquito in my ear. Maybe worse!

And then, there are the sheet straps. I have sheet straps, but they come undone, they break, or are a hassle factor of 200+ and I give up trying to put them on. Let’s just be honest ladies, there are certain things, like girdle and garter hooks that should have stayed on the girdle and the garter where they happily existed and not wandered into new territory to torture me from.

So, my solution is a hybrid; and if you own aforementioned sheet straps, you won’t be spending a dime.


Fitted sheet

Sheet Straps or

1 yd 3/4 inch elastic

8 Large safety pins (if using elastic)

Difficulty Level: Easy, no like, stupid easy

If you have sheet straps, do you best to install them with the sheet on the mattress. If not, cut your elastic in to 1/4 yard pieces. You’ll have 4. Again, with the sheet on your mattress, safety pin the elastic as if you were putting sheet straps on, pinning one side, then stretching under the mattress, pinning to the adjacent corner. Leaving elastic, carefully remove the sheet and take it to the sewing machine.

Now, if you used sheet straps, mark, using pins or a fabric marker, where the straps are attached at each corner. Remove the straps, leave the pins (if you didn’t use chalk or a marker) and head to the sewing machine.

Easy peasy…soooooo peasy.

Remove the strap hardware  and pin the elastic to the underside of the sheet. Stitch a double row or a tight zig-zag across the edge of the straps on each corner. Minus the hardware removal, if using elastic, follow the same procedure.

Your corners should resemble this:


That’s it. you’re done. Now quit complaining to your spouse to quit short sheeting your side of the bed and just go take a nap with your sheets that won’t slip.

Now if you’re really lazy, forget sewing and just use safety pins to hold the elastic.

You’re welcome.

Sew peaceful my friends.