May 22

Now you can shop by color!

We have an exciting new option for you at Warehouse Fabrics Inc.! You can now filter your searches by color. There are several ways to do this.

  • Search all of our fabrics by a particular color
  • Search individual categories by a particular color
  • Search either of the above by color combinations

Say you want something to match the decor in your child’s room, which is brown and blue. You can go to the Baby and Children’s Fabrics category and select both blue and brown to find fabrics with both of those colors.

Perhaps you want a shade of rust. Click red, orange and brown (or maybe just red and orange) and see what comes up. Some will be patterns with each of those individual colors; others will be those colors all mixed together — or rust!

You asked, and we listened. We hope this makes shopping our website easier and more fun. We always welcome your suggestions, so keep them coming!