Jacket lining and interlining

Last week, I did a post on a funky green jacket. This week, we’re going to look at the inside of the jacket. What you see from the inside is the lining. What you don’t see is the interlining, or the batting I added for extra warmth. The jacket pattern (McCalls 5060) included lining but not interlining, and so I wanted to discuss how to add that, and also what the difference is between interlining and lining. It’s very easy! This week, I also have a post on making your own covered buttons, related to this jacket.

A bright-green jacket

When I first saw this fabric, I immediately thought that I would like to make a jacket from it. I’m not sure where the idea came from, and I know it’s sort of a bold fabric for a long jacket, but I really liked the idea. I’m really pleased with the results, even if my husband did point out that it, well, “really stands out.” With men, you’re just not really sure what that means. I think it will make a perfect spring jacket, but I don’t mind wearing it even now. It was a time-consuming project, that’s for sure,…

How to make a wine bottle gift bag

Or, how I fought the piping, and the piping won. You know when you have those sewing days when you know you should just give up and try again later? Well, this post didn’t go exactly as planned. I initially planned to use the piping from the piping tutorial I did last weekend. But, you know, sometimes things just don’t work out. I broke three needles and knocked over my box of carefully organized quilting blocks, so they all got mixed up. That knocked out my power strip and turned off my lights and sewing machine. I knocked my thread/scrap…

Get your crafty on

Welcome to the Warehouse Fabrics Inc. blog! It’s great to have you here, and we hope you’ll stop by often. No matter what type of sewer you are, you’ll find something you’ll love working on here. I’m so thrilled to be living in the Internet age, especially as a sewer/crafter. There are endless ideas shared by millions of really creative people around the world. I’ll provide projects from my own patterns that you can replicate, projects from purchased patterns and projects from tutorials around the Internet. I’ll also offer sewing tips.