Quick burst of patriotism

Looking for a patriotic way to spruce up your home for the Fourth of July holiday? These flag panels are an inexpensive way to show off your creativity.
Try a fringed pillow or maybe place mats for an outdoor barbecue. Use your imagination and let Old Glory shine.


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Flag panel (2) - USAFLG

Sunvalley cherry brush fringe - SUYCHY

Polyester stuffing
You’ll need two flag panel pieces and two yards of the brush fringe. You’ll also need some polyester stuffing.

The process

This is a very simple pillow. The first step is to sew the brush fringe to one flag panel front. The fringe is bound on both edges to keep it neat. One edge, you’ll see, is temporary — to be removed later. The other edge you’ll line up along your seam allowance and baste in place (this would be the top edge on the photo above). At the raw edges of the fringe, I sewed back and forth a number of times to keep it from fraying, then overlapped it just a tiny bit.
After it’s basted to your flag panel, place the other flag panel on top, so the right sides are together. Sew all the way around, except for a small opening on the bottom of the pillow.
Turn the pillow right side out and fill with stuffing. Hand stitch the opening closed, remove the stitching from the bottom edge of the fringe and fluff.
Done! A quick and easy Fourth of July project!

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