Mar 28

Quilted clutch


Hello! I’m back this week with a tutorial for a quilted diaper clutch. Now, you can totally use this as a regular clutch- I just used these measurements so it’d fit a few diapers & baby wipes for a great on-the-go baby shower gift! Feel free to change the dimensions to suit your needs.

Here’s what you’ll need:




1/3 yd each of Galaxy Spa and 7 oz. Cotton Duck Natural, 1/3 yd of thin batting or medium weight interfacing, snap press & one snap.



Cut one piece of each fabric. Mine measured 11″ x 22″. Now, just a quick note: I used quilt batting for my stabilizer, but it was admittedly thick. I recommend using either a thinner batting or a medium weight interfacing.


Lay the printed fabric face up over your stabilizer. Pin if you want. I didn’t pin, but I’m not super picky about quilting super straight.


Next, quilt the fabric to the stabilizer. I quilted diagonal lines. They are not all straight, or evenly spaced, but I like the randomness.

clutch-7 clutch-8

Next, trim your fabric & stabilizer.

clutch-9 clutch-10

Lay the duck cloth down, then place the quilted fabrics on top, printed side down. Pin together.



Sew together, leaving an opening to turn out.

clutch-13 clutch-14 clutch-15

Turn right-side out, then press, paying special attention to the opening.




Top stitch all the way around, to close up the opening. I used a 3/8″ seam allowance.


Now is when you’ll need the snap press.


Fold your clutch the way you’d like it to be.


Decide where you want to place the snap. I started with the bottom piece first, and measured exactly halfway across the width of the clutch. Pierce a hole exactly where you’d like the snap to go.



Place the spike of the post through the hole.


Place the cap over the spike, and press.


clutch-22 clutch-24

Fold the top over, then feel for the snap underneath & pierce another hole exactly over it. Repeat the pressing process.


You’re almost finished!

clutch-29 clutch-30

If you can get a pin through all the layers, go for it! If not, use wonder clips like me!


Sew down both sides, backstitching at both ends for a knot.

clutch-33 clutch-34 clutch-35

You’re done! I think this clutch is so cute, easy, and functional!