Relaxing neck pillows

If you’re reading this right now, I’ll bet you’re the kind of person who uses a computer a bit too much. So, like me, you may have a bit of a stiff neck sometimes. Well, looky what I found! Relaxing neck pillows, courtesy Sew4Home.


(Click fabrics for direct links for purchase at Warehouse Fabrics Inc.)

Roundabout aqua (ROTAQA)

Polyester stuffing

Note: It’s often more cost efficient to buy ribbon by the spool. I paid much less for a whole spool than I would have to buy by the yard. Plus, there’s a much bigger selection. With these fabrics, I used ribbon by Offray, No. 8661852. You’ll need two feet of ribbon for each pillow.
One yard of fabric (it’s reversible) allowed me to make two “reversed” pillows.

The pattern

The pattern and instructions can be found at Sew4Home.

Other views

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White with blue dots

Blue with white dots

Kitty knows all about relaxing