Ruffled Burlap Christmas Tree Skirt

What you will need:

*One yard of Burlap

*One yard of Unfinished Cloth

*One yard of Lace

*Hot Glue Gun

treeskirt treeskirtsupplies


What you will do 

*Click the question mark for a video on how to cut a tree skirt. questionmark

*Once your tree skirt is cut and ready, you then cut your unfinished cloth into 8″ wide strips and start gluing your strips around the edges of the burlap, pinching the tops of the unfinished cloth and turning it over every 3 inches to make your ruffles.

*Add lace or trim around the top of the ruffles and you have a custom tree skirt!


Finished Product

* Cost $9.96 plus tax

* Time approximately 30 minutes

ruffleTS TSfinishedproduct