Apr 4

Sew bunting!



Happy April! I thought I’d celebrate the new month & season with some festive bunting! It’s photographed here above my daughter’s crib, but if you’re looking for a pretty way to make your home festive for Easter this weekend, this is a great way to do so! 

Here’s what you’ll need:

buntingbunting-24sheetingwhitebunting-23You’ll need a thick paper for your template, 2 yards of bias tape, 1/4 yd of 110″ White Sheeting Fabric, spray starch, oh, and a pen/marker & your ruler & cutting mat.


My paper started out at 9″ x 11″, but I cut it down to a 9″ square to begin.

bunting-4 bunting-5

Once it was cut to a square, I centered it over on my cutting mat at the 10″ mark, just because I know how my mind works and that using an even number would be simple. I put one end of my ruler on the 10″ mark, then angled it to the end of the square, 4.5″ back, then cut.

bunting-11bunting-12 bunting-13

Then I did the same thing on the other side. This ensures that my triangle is even.

bunting-18 bunting-20 bunting-19

Fold your fabric in half lengthwise, then cut out triangles 5 times, for a total of 10 triangles.


bunting-21 bunting-23 bunting-26

Now is when you’ll need the spray starch. Go ahead and spray/iron the triangles.



Make 5 piles of 2 triangles each. Pin the two sides of each triangle, then sew the two sides together.

bunting-37 bunting-39 Clip the fabric around the point. This will make it less bulky, so the point is pointier.


Turn the triangles right side out, then press again.


Trim the corners at the top.

bunting-24 bunting-30At this point, you need to press the sides of the bias tape in, like we did a few weeks ago on the pocket apron.



The easy way to find the exact middle of the tape is to fold it in half, like this.



Fold one of your triangles in half, then place the unfinished top inside of the bias tape.



Pin your triangles in place.

bunting-56At this point, I changed my thread to match the bias tape, then folded the ends in to finish them off like this:

bunting-57 bunting-61 bunting-62 bunting-64 bunting-63

Finish one end, sew across the edge of the bias tape closest to the white flags, then when you approach the other end, finish that off, too!

bunting1-6 bunting1-5 bunting1-4 bunting1-3 bunting1-2