Shearling throw


A few weeks ago I made a sweet little shearling jacket for a toddler using our Ultra Fur. I had a fairly big piece left over and wanted to make use of it, so I thought just a simple throw blanket or toddler bed blanket would be perfect.

There is no specific size for this project. Just cut out a rectangle of any desired size and follow the tutorial.






Ultra Fur
Ultra Fur









The process


I have found that since this fabric is quite bulky, a common “fold over twice” hem is not ideal. I love to see the “sheepy” side from the suede side, so I like to fold it over just a bit and stitch. This reduces bulk because it’s just one fold. Do this on either long side of your blanket.


Now do the top edge of the blanket. Turn as shown and clip the seam you just stitched at a diagonal. We’re going to create a faux beveled corner.


Fold your top edge over …


Also clip it at a diagonal. Stitch this edge and then when you get close to the bottom corner, repeat the clipping. The repeat this on the bottom edge. That’s all there is to it!

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