Aug 9

Slipcover a Dining Room Chair

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA    During this blog, I will demonstrate how to make a slipcover for a dining room chair.

















I used a total of 2 and 1/2 yards of fabric and four covered buttons per chair.







The first step in creating a slipcover is to measure the width and depth of your chair.  I started with the front side back and added about two inches extra all the way around. Next measure the backside of the chair and divide in half then add approximately 3 inches to the right back and 3 inches to the left back. I also cut  a facing for the right back about 5 inches in width. I have to admit that this is my first experience in creating a slip covered chair but with a lot of trial and errors I think they turned out just fine.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  This photo shows my right back side with the facing attached. Then fold back the facing and press. Place both backs together by overlapping the right side about 2 to 3 inches  over the left side making sure to create a center back. Baste stitch these together. Next attach the front and back. Stitch the sides and top together to form a pillow case effect.








OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA   I turned my back wrong side out and put it on my chair then pinned my chair bottom that I had measured and cut. Take this to sewing machine and stitch.









OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA   This demonstrates what it will look like once you have stitched it and turned back right side out. Next, cut out a five inch band. I added piping or welting (whichever name you are used to) to the band top and bottom.








OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  Then take the band and attach it to the back and seat section.









OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  Last add your buttons and loops and you are finished!!









OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  This photo shows the finished chairs front and back.

Happy sewing!!!