Amazing Outdoor Cushion Makeover Part Two

From Sidewalk Showdown to Showstopper Difficulty Level: Moderate (some sewing experience necessary) Seam Nipper or straight edge razor 25 yards outdoor use cording (optional if you are unable to salvage welting from your cushions) 6 yards outdoor fabric 4 double fold outdoor cushions with old covering removed and cushions cleaned/sanitized (see Part 1) 24 5/8″ matching plain buttons of your choice 24 matching decorative buttons of your choice 4 yds. sew-on 1/2 ” Velcro (optional) Leather sewing awl with waxed thread (optional) Clear nail polish or Fray Stop (optional)   Welcome back! I trust you had no difficulty cleaning those cushions…

Adding Extra Seating

   Have you ever needed extra seating during family gatherings? Well, if you have a fireplace that isn’t being used, I have a solution for you. During this blog, you will learn how to cover 4″ foam for extra seating.

How to sew a button onto a cushion or pillow

  If you don’t sew cushion buttons on correctly, they’ll pop off before long. But it’s really not too tricky to sew on a button securely. You’ll need a few supplies — easily found in craft/sewing stores: thick, waxed upholstery thread and long upholstery needles. This technique is nice because you only pass through the actual pillow one time when sewing on the buttons.