Compact diaper case

Despite our ever-popular diaper bag tutorial, which I designed when I was pregnant, I am not much of a diaper bag person. I am more of a purse and compact caddy kind of mom. This pack holds 2-3 diapers and a case of wipes, and it has a strap with clip so that you can secure it to the straps of your purse or your stroller handle. For quick errands where you don’t need a ton of supplies, something like this is perfect.

Diaper bag with a divider

I’m pregnant, and I recently bought a fancy-pants designer diaper bag that’s compact and looks like a purse. But, really, who am I trying to kid? I could maybe fit the contents of my purse in there, but with baby stuff, too? No way. I mean, every day when I walk into work I have a tote bag, a purse and a lunch cooler that looks like a purse (and they are all in different patterns, so I look like some sort of mismatched hobo). Add a baby’s needs to this, and I had to get serious and accept the…