Tips and Tricks Upholstery 101

So ya wanna do your own upholstery… Awesome! Go for it! You’ve got chutzpah! Upholstery isn’t rocket science. But a hasty approach could spell doom. With a few basic tips, you could avoid a reckless ride down Epic Failure Boulevard and a costly stay at Wasted Days Motel! (Been there, done that, got the T-shirt!) In this post, we’re not going to learn HOW to upholster, rather, we’ll look at some things to avoid, a few flair tips for points, and maybe just a hack or two for good measure! It’s Upholstery 101, and I promise there won’t be a quiz.

You Made That Outta What? A Semi-Comprehensive Guide to Fabric – Part 3 Cotton Duck

And…we’re back! How often do we take the ordinary for granted; do we see the tools and necessary items in  our life as routine and take no notice? Whether it’s a pair of high tops, one of those trendy little zipper bags, the sails in your winds, or even the seat cushions on your lawn furniture, Duck is a whole lot more than you think. A close cousin to Duck Tape, their stories converge in an interesting way. So let’s dive into the history of this popular utilitarian fabric that’s getting some mileage these days.

You Made That Outta What? A Semi-Comprehensive Guide to Fabric – Part 2 Toile

  Welcome back! Thanks for following the series. To be honest, I’ve learned a lot just in my research. I really thought I had a handle on fabric weave, type and design. Apparently I was mistaken! Last time, we (including me) learned about Dupioni Silk, a beautiful high end silk from India often used in formal wear such as wedding attire. We’re going to switch gears and go the opposite direction and dive into the world of Toile. And no, it’s not pronounced like foil or even close to that. Although, please don’t feel ignorant if you did. Potato/Patahtoe I…

You Made That Outta What?! A Semi-Comprehensive Guide to Fabric – Part 1 Dupioni Silk

I work in the fabric industry and am an upholsterer by trade. Yet I still need a refresher, even a crash course on fabric nomenclature (That’s your big word for the week meaning the science of naming things. You know, what Adam’s job was in the Garden?). You’ll notice that we use proper names for each of our fabrics. But you might not know a chintz from a chenille, or the slight difference between a jacquard and a brocade. And that’s okay! We’re here to educate you. By knowing the specific features of a given fabric, you can make an…