Cutlery place mat

You know what I hate? Microwaved food. And plastic utensils. And using facial tissues for napkins because I forgot to bring one. And most of all, dirty tables. But such is life when you work, right? I mean, most of us do, and there really isn’t a way to avoid eating at least one meal away from home on work days. I came across this idea for a place mat and utensil holder all in one and thought it was genius! It also holds cloth napkins and provides a surface to eat off of. I’d love to make several more…

Easiest baby quilt – part 2

In last week’s post, we made the quilt sandwich for this baby quilt and quilted it using free-motion quilting. Then we applied the backing afterward and basted it all together. In this week’s tutorial, we will create bias binding and apply it. Any quilt takes time, and this one is no exception, but if you aren’t familiar with cutting and piecing, it’s definitely nice and easy. And much faster! Part 1 can be found here.

Bordered place mats

Last week, I showed you how to make mitered-corner napkins. This week, we’ll make coordinating place mats to go with them. My first attempt to make place mats came right when I taught myself to sew. I gave them to my grandmother. Looking back, boy were they awful! Funny, I’ve never seen them around her house. I guess they must have been bad if your grandma won’t pretend to like them. These place mats are super-easy to make, and they will hold up well in the wash.