Fun with prints: reversible place mats plus napkins

How about some fun reversible place mats using mix and match fabrics? Our Premier Prints line is perfect for this use since the fabrics are cotton and they come in many complementary prints. Just choose a few that you love and assemble them any old way you’d like. Use your imagination, or use the instructions I provide here. My only regret is that I didn’t incorporate more of the gray (in the birds). Maybe that would have added a bit of pizazz if used for the napkins.

Cutlery place mat

You know what I hate? Microwaved food. And plastic utensils. And using facial tissues for napkins because I forgot to bring one. And most of all, dirty tables. But such is life when you work, right? I mean, most of us do, and there really isn’t a way to avoid eating at least one meal away from home on work days. I came across this idea for a place mat and utensil holder all in one and thought it was genius! It also holds cloth napkins and provides a surface to eat off of. I’d love to make several more…

Mitered-corner napkins

I love cloth napkins. I use them all the time, for no special occasion. Yet guests are always terrified to use them. They are so easy to make, good for the environment and make an average meal or snack feel a little bit special. Here is a quick and easy way to make napkins with nice mitered corners. Next week, we’ll make place mats with coordinating prints to go with these napkins for a full-on, fancy-pants dining experience.