A little pillow talk…sham on you!

Once upon a pillow, I decided it was time to dress up the bed. I decided on shams and it gave me pause to think. What exactly is a “sham”.  Further, I realized that there are shams, and there are more shames. Like Bubba Gump shrimp, you’ve got European shams, king shams, cushion shams, basic pillow shams…sham, sham, sham shammity sham! In my mind they’re all just pillows, and I had simply merged them into my brain as one lump sum. Well, they’re not, apparently.

Amazing Outdoor Cushion Makeover Part Two

From Sidewalk Showdown to Showstopper Difficulty Level: Moderate (some sewing experience necessary) Seam Nipper or straight edge razor 25 yards outdoor use cording (optional if you are unable to salvage welting from your cushions) 6 yards outdoor fabric 4 double fold outdoor cushions with old covering removed and cushions cleaned/sanitized (see Part 1) 24 5/8″ matching plain buttons of your choice 24 matching decorative buttons of your choice 4 yds. sew-on 1/2 ” Velcro (optional) Leather sewing awl with waxed thread (optional) Clear nail polish or Fray Stop (optional)   Welcome back! I trust you had no difficulty cleaning those cushions…