A little pillow talk…sham on you!

Once upon a pillow, I decided it was time to dress up the bed. I decided on shams and it gave me pause to think. What exactly is a “sham”.  Further, I realized that there are shams, and there are more shames. Like Bubba Gump shrimp, you’ve got European shams, king shams, cushion shams, basic pillow shams…sham, sham, sham shammity sham! In my mind they’re all just pillows, and I had simply merged them into my brain as one lump sum. Well, they’re not, apparently.

Let’s Make a Throw Pillow with designer cord!

  During this blog, I will demonstrate how to make a throw pillow using an already made designer cord.                 SUPPLIES NEEDED:             You will need  1/2 yard of fabric and 2 yards of cord for a 16″ pillow cover. I also used a zipper and thread. I used Cyprus Natural for the pillow fabric and Cord #36 for the decorative cord both can be found at warehousefabricsinc.com.       PROCEDURE:   The first step in creating your 16″ finished pillow cover is to cut out your…

Pretty set of pillows – Plus, you can win them!

Here’s some inspiration for a pretty trio of pillows with coordinating prints and some interesting solids to add texture. The large pillow has a light blue square in the center made of burlap. The medium pillow has a velvet-textured gray stripe. All of them have piping, just because I love it, and envelope openings on the back for easy removal of the pillow form. BEST OF ALL: YOU CAN WIN THESE! Just enter a comment at the bottom of this post. A winner will be randomly drawn on Thursday, Aug. 21, 2014. — NOTE: CONTEST IS OVER! Winner is Lenka.

Button pillow cover

There are all kinds of pillow form slipcovers — some have zippers, some have envelope closures. This one has buttons. It’s a bit more work, but the point is to make your buttons the focal point of the pillow. Here, I used a fun but neutral chevron fabric and bright yellow buttons and piping to make it pop.  

Starfruit cushions

Aren’t these cushions fun? Assembling them feels almost like doing a puzzle. I found this project at Matching Pegs. Give it a try! The pattern is made from a bunch of squares, so you can easily change the size by changing the size of the squares. Interesting buttons can really make the pillow special!