How to sew a button onto a cushion or pillow

  If you don’t sew cushion buttons on correctly, they’ll pop off before long. But it’s really not too tricky to sew on a button securely. You’ll need a few supplies — easily found in craft/sewing stores: thick, waxed upholstery thread and long upholstery needles. This technique is nice because you only pass through the actual pillow one time when sewing on the buttons.

Cheater, cheater pillow sham

Maybe cheater, cheater pillow sham doesn’t have the same ring as cheater, cheater pumpkin eater, but making a flanged sham in this manner is so easy, you almost feel like you cheated. This method uses just one big piece of fabric for both the pillow part and the flanges. Another method would be to make the flanges separately and miter the corners. I will do one of those soon. I used the Dimples fabric, and it’s quite thick. I felt that mitered corners and extra seams would involve too much bulk, so I chose the cheater, cheater method for this…

Pillow giveaway!

A few weeks ago, we featured this appliqued tree pillow on the blog. And now it can be yours. The original post can be found here, with a link to instructions at Cluck, Cluck Sew. I really enjoyed doing this pillow. I loved the fabrics and the crispness of the white fabric. It’s got an envelope back and a pillow form. So if you’d like to win this pillow, please leave ONE comment below. Just one entry per person will be approved. I’ll do a random drawing on Thursday, March 24, around noon MDT. ——————————————————————————— Contest closed. Winner to be…

Appliqued pillows

These scrap-buster applique pillows really caught my eye when I saw them on Cluck Cluck Sew. I had plenty of black and white fabrics to play with, and the blue and white fabric was a leaf print to begin with, so I just had to cut out the leaves. Just iron your fabrics to some Heat N Bond and then cut out your leaves. Then iron those onto your fabric. I zigzag stitched mine to the pillow because I liked how it looked. I added piping to one of my pillows, and both have an envelope back so that you…

Comfy back rest

When you’re done monkeying around, you’re bound to be tired. So sit back and relax on a comfy pillow back rest. I thought making something like this would be complicated, but it came together quickly, and this fabric was really nice to work with – it’s sturdy but soft to the touch.

Coordinating box pleat pillows

I’ve said it before: Throw pillows are a tremendous rip-off. They often run $20 or more a piece, and they are one of the easiest things to sew. So let’s just all protest by making our own! This project lets you have fun with box pleats and learn to do an envelope style back. Use coordinating or contrasting fabrics so that something special “peeks out” between the pleats. I found this project at Sew4Home.

Make a pillow using a pillowform

Pillow forms are nice for several reasons. For one, you can more easily clean the visible part of the pillow if something soils it. Pillow forms also have a nice shape that is hard to get from polyester stuffing. Also, no slip stitching the edge closed! Just use a zipper.