Hobo bag

Everyone loves a hobo bag. They’re anything you want them to be: classic, modern, edgy, funky, sweet, slouchy. Here’s a slightly large one — still perfect for a handbag, but with lots of room. Choose two complementary fabrics for a fun look.

Pleated, lined handbag

Making your own fabric bags means you’ll always have unique accessories. I have lots of them, and I get compliments all the time. They really stand out. This bag is pleated and nice and roomy as a purse. I have made this style in both a smaller and larger size, but neither ever seemed just right. This one I made somewhere in between. It holds all of my day-to-day purse stuff, with room to throw in a book or bottle of water, to boot.  I took this out today and somebody complimented me on it and wanted one. See? That’s…