Tips and Tricks Upholstery 101

So ya wanna do your own upholstery… Awesome! Go for it! You’ve got chutzpah! Upholstery isn’t rocket science. But a hasty approach could spell doom. With a few basic tips, you could avoid a reckless ride down Epic Failure Boulevard and a costly stay at Wasted Days Motel! (Been there, done that, got the T-shirt!) In this post, we’re not going to learn HOW to upholster, rather, we’ll look at some things to avoid, a few flair tips for points, and maybe just a hack or two for good measure! It’s Upholstery 101, and I promise there won’t be a quiz.

Part 2 Restoring a Victorian Fainting Couch – Tear Down Time

So you REALLY want to restore a fainting couch. Well welcome back! If you didn’t catch Part 1, read on. In Part 2, we’ll explore the rationale for my fabric choice, briefly explore the tear down process, and how I chose the fabric. Demo is the love-hate part for me, and you’ll soon discover why. Might be the same for you. Tell me some of your beastly tear downs in the comments. Love with no judgement here. On to the project, Her Majesty the fainting couch awaits!

What Would Edward Scissorhands Do? Why Good Scissors Matter

Episode 1 The War Ensues Good scissors for sewing are a thing to not be trifled with. A long time ago…1995 to be exact… in a marriage far, far away… a husband recklessly chose his wife’s good scissors reserved for sewing to strip conduit. 12 stitches later… True story. Married a smarter man who respects the good sewing scissors. Good man. A simple tool And they are; but look closer and you’ll marvel at their design. Let’s take a look at this “cutting edge” technology and learn why if you sew, good scissors matter.

Easy DIY Reusable Tote Bag With One Yard or Less

If I told you that a DIY reusable tote bag in two hours or less was possible, you’d say, “Mary, that’s a fairy tale!” To which, I would reply, “Au contraire mon frère! It is no child’s tale, it’s real!” This is a ridiculously easy project continuing with my challenge to use up your stash scraps and find creative ways to DIY with one yard or less. Reversible, practical, reusable, and downright adorable, you can’t have too many tote bags, can you?

You Made That Outta What?! A Semi-Comprehensive Guide to Fabric – Part 1 Dupioni Silk

I work in the fabric industry and am an upholsterer by trade. Yet I still need a refresher, even a crash course on fabric nomenclature (That’s your big word for the week meaning the science of naming things. You know, what Adam’s job was in the Garden?). You’ll notice that we use proper names for each of our fabrics. But you might not know a chintz from a chenille, or the slight difference between a jacquard and a brocade. And that’s okay! We’re here to educate you. By knowing the specific features of a given fabric, you can make an…

Sew in Love With This Valentine Apron!

Valentine’s Day French Baker’s Apron Skill Level: Beginner (basic sewing skills required) Approximate Cost: Under $30 depending on fabric selection My family will concur that I am a messy cook, and a messy eater. When I sit down to enjoy a meal at the table, al fresco, dashboard diner, TV Takeout, or on the run, I know better than to go sans napkin. I’ve also been known to don a cooking apron or an old shirt replete with stains.  No shame. No apologies. Most times it’s just a tea towel. I even keep one on hand across the arm of…

Amazing Outdoor Cushion Makeover Part Two

From Sidewalk Showdown to Showstopper Difficulty Level: Moderate (some sewing experience necessary) Seam Nipper or straight edge razor 25 yards outdoor use cording (optional if you are unable to salvage welting from your cushions) 6 yards outdoor fabric 4 double fold outdoor cushions with old covering removed and cushions cleaned/sanitized (see Part 1) 24 5/8″ matching plain buttons of your choice 24 matching decorative buttons of your choice 4 yds. sew-on 1/2 ” Velcro (optional) Leather sewing awl with waxed thread (optional) Clear nail polish or Fray Stop (optional)   Welcome back! I trust you had no difficulty cleaning those cushions…

A Quick Introduction

Greetings and salutations! I wanted to take a moment to introduce myself. First, I’d like to say a big thank you to Tanya at Best Fabric Store for her EXTREME patience and grace with me. I’m privileged to have the opportunity to bring my creative know-how to you. She has waited with much grace and anticipation, and I couldn’t thank her enough for being the kind soul she is. And, provides hands down the finest customer service, ever! I’m a Texas girl who’s been a long term inmate… I mean resident of the state of Illinois. (I’m not an inmate,…

Recessed zipper on a bag

I’ve had a lot of people ask about doing recessed zippers on bags — especially people who want to add a zipper to our diaper bag pattern. I decided to go ahead and whip up a tutorial. Whip up – hah! I spent some time mentally developing a game plan. It was a game plan that didn’t work out as planned. I loved the fabric and was determined to complete this, so I took a breather and then undid a whole lot of stitches. Then I did some more thinking and a very obvious method came to me. If there’s…

Car seat organizer

I always had such a tidy car before I had a kid. Now there are toys, blankets and sippy cups strewn about. This car seat organizer really appealed to me. I can stuff toys, hand sanitizing wipes and much more in it for easy access and a cleaner-looking car. I found this project at Sew4Home, a source for lots of fun projects.