World traveler shoe bag

Earth Day is coming up on Friday. I know Earth Day is about recycling and such, but this blog really is not. So I did the next best thing. I used it as an excuse to sew something with this really neat map fabric. This is a simple drawstring bag to use for travel. You can stow shoes inside to keep your garments clean, or you can use it for laundry. Either way, it’s reusable, and that’s all Earthy and green, right? You can make this bag any size you want. This particular one is a little big for one…

Mysterious baby grab ball

Below, I have a picture of a baby grab ball that I’ve had since I was little. It’s resurfaced now that I have a little guy of my own, and I have found myself a lot more interested in it than he has. I decided I had to figure out how to make one of these suckers, and I’d like to share my method with you. I’ve selected a bright, fun fabric that babies will enjoy. This would make a lovely gift. My mom tossed most of my baby stuff, but the grab ball stuck around for decades.

Nursing cover

This nursing cover made with cherub fabric will give your little angel some privacy while dining. It’s quick and really easy to make. It is unlined, so it won’t get too stuffy under there, and has an adjustable neck strap. Plus there’s boning to pop the cover out at the neck so you can see your little precious hands-free. I also use nursing covers like these when pumping at work for extra privacy.

Stemware coasters

I loved the ideas of stemware coasters that I found at It’s great how they stay on as you carry your glass around. I did make a little modification to their process, which I’ll demonstrate here. But if you’d like, you can skip straight to their version.

Serged baby bib

This is a quick and easy baby bib that just takes a moment of cutting, some basic quilting and a quick run with the serger. No turning, no binding, no hemming. Use colored thread to make it even cuter.

Appliqued pillows

These scrap-buster applique pillows really caught my eye when I saw them on Cluck Cluck Sew. I had plenty of black and white fabrics to play with, and the blue and white fabric was a leaf print to begin with, so I just had to cut out the leaves. Just iron your fabrics to some Heat N Bond and then cut out your leaves. Then iron those onto your fabric. I zigzag stitched mine to the pillow because I liked how it looked. I added piping to one of my pillows, and both have an envelope back so that you…

Draft dodgers

I was trying to think what these would be called. I did a Google picture search for “draft dodgers.” Sure enough, these came up. But so did a picture of a hippie, which made me laugh. Well, we don’t need to have a discussion about war, but chilly houses? Maybe so. My first draft dodgers I purchased online, I guess before I could sew. Now I feel like a fool, because they are really easy to do. I filled mine with cedar because it’s supposed to be a bug repellent. In order to be able to change the cedar or…

Adding bias-tape trim

One way to finish edges and avoid bulk is to encase them in bias tape. But sewing this entirely by machine can be tricky if you want nice results. Why? Because although sewing the front on is easy, you then turn the rest to the back and stitch in the ditch on the front, hoping to grab the back in the stitching as you go. Usually, the parts you capture in back are uneven or you miss altogether, since you can’t see what you’re doing. Often, I prefer to just stitch by hand in the back, but there are a…

Sweet little finger mitts

Since it’s just about Valentine’s Day, I thought it was the perfect time to feature this sweet fabric with hearts. Then I ran into a problem: Since most home sewers are probably women, what in the world would you make a man with this fabric that he would actually want or use? It is a little, well, feminine. So I thought you could make yourself some sweet little mitts to use when you bake something sweet for your truest sweetie. I’ve been wanting some finger mitts to use to remove hot dishes from the microwave. I wanted something that’s not…

Custom e-reader case

OK, so who didn’t get a Kindle for Christmas? I think pretty much everyone I know did. Unfortunately, you can’t just toss it in your bag and go, or the screen will get all banged up. I admit, I ran out and bought a case, and then I thought, “FOOL! You can sew. You have an obligation to make your own.” And so I did. And you can, too! I added a pleated front pocket to hold your charging cord. This was an important feature to me because it’s nice to always have the power cord handy in case your…