A little pillow talk…sham on you!

Once upon a pillow, I decided it was time to dress up the bed. I decided on shams and it gave me pause to think. What exactly is a “sham”.  Further, I realized that there are shams, and there are more shames. Like Bubba Gump shrimp, you’ve got European shams, king shams, cushion shams, basic pillow shams…sham, sham, sham shammity sham! In my mind they’re all just pillows, and I had simply merged them into my brain as one lump sum. Well, they’re not, apparently.

Sham-WOW! Make a Pillow Sham in Under an Hour

It started with an Elsa event. Elsa, my Huskie mix, has many such “events” that usually involve tearing something up that is fluffy. This time, it was a pillow sham. Thankfully not the pillow, just the sham. Which didn’t really matter though. I just bought those shams for a staging. Now I had only one and no way to repair it since the machine was packed. Elsa is fortunate that she has cute going for her… So flash forward, I still have no matching shams. I could just repair the torn one. But to be honest, sometimes a repair job…