Velcro Is Your Friend… Using Velcro to Clean Up Loose Threads

If there were such a thing as the Griswold Family Sewing Room, I’m certain this monstrosity would be there.

Yes, it’s a Velcro knot. And no, this will NOT be a tutorial on how to unknot it. I have no magic solution. There is none. You’ll have to fight this Leviathan on your own pardner. So cowgirl up.

No. This was an inspiration because once I conquered the beast, I was rewarded with all the loose threads on the floor embedded in the hook side. And it got me thinking…


Adhesive lint roller with all or just a few sheets still on the roll

1/2 yard Adhesive back hook only Velcro or 50 sticky back Velcro Dots or two old large Velcro rollers

Difficulty: Easy

Stress Removal Level: Infinite!


I hate cleaning the thread on my floor because it really jacks up my vacuum. So I figured that Velcro was my solution. While this hardly warrants the tutorial, some of us like me directions.

With the adhesive back still attached, wrap one Velcro strip to the lint roller and cut to size so the ends meet. Cut enough to cover the roller. Remove the backing, wrap and stick firmly to the tape sticky sides together. For dots, pull the backing and apply firmly until the roller is covered. You could use square “dots”.

I used old hair rollers because the Velcro was earmarked. I cut the roller in half down the middle so it opened. Do the same with the other roller and trim the end even with the lint roller. Place around the lint roller and trim any overhang. Press firmly. You can always remove the roller or the Velcro. However, it’s also good for pet hair and cleans up with a brush.

That’s it. Now go clean your sewing room, Missy!

Sew. in Peace friends