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Classic Couch Makeover

Fabric Used

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Classic Couch Makeover

This couch was dated, but in excellent condition and worth recovering. The customer wanted a contemporary color, but something with texture and a classic, comfortable feel. She selected New Siam Copper and the results were splendid! The throw pillows in Mombasa Tiger were the crowning touch and took a family room couch to the next level. She's defininitely rethinking sharing this couch with her family of boys! One note, while the Mombasa Tiger did tend to ravell a bit, a siz-zag stitch across the raw edges solved the problem.The New Siam Copper was very forgiving, but it can be difficult to knick stitches from, so measure twice, sew once!

Customer Information

Posted 02/03/2018 by Mary
Company: Go-Pro 31 Upholstery

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